Railway stations see rise in travelers

Passengers check in at Hangzhou East Railway Station last week. Between July 1 and A...

Freshmen choose dorm according to life habits

More than 6,000 freshmen enrolled in the Zijingang campus of Zhejiang University yes...

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Regulation bans private clubs in parks

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Zhijiang Bridge traffic up by one fourth after toll free

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Tesla service center

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Line 5 approved

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Taihuyuan Scenic Area

Lin’an, Hangzhou | View Map

Taihuyuan Scenic Area boasts gorgeous scenery including mountains, waterfall...

Xiaohe Street

On the Grand Canal, North of Dengyun Rd. | View Map

Water is the soul of Hangzhou: the lake, the river, and then there's the canal....

Bamboo-Lined Path at Yunqi

Yunqi Valley, South of Wuyun Mountain | View Map

Meijiawu is one of our favorite places to hang in Hangzhou. You've got the tea ...

Yunsong Book Villa

Hongchun Bridge, Lingyin Road | View Map

Yunsong Book Villa was built with funds from Jin Yong, the famous Chinese autho...

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Silk Products from Ming-Qing Period

Jul 17 - Sep 30 | China Silk Museum
Tickets: free

China is the birthplace of silk industry and the origin of the Silk Road to ...

Fan Painting Exhibition

Jul 18 - Oct 7 | Hangzhou Arts & Crafts Museum
Tickets: free

An exhibition showcasing fan paintings drawn by 150 contemporary painters is...

Zhejiang Museum’s 5th Anniversary Art Show

Jul 29 - Sep 2 | Zhejiang Art Museum
Tickets: free

Altogether 120 art pieces are on display to mark the fifth anniversary of th...

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