Review of the events in Hangzhou International Information Exchange Center in 2011







Foreigners Celebrating Chinese New Year

The center has invited foreigners in Hangzhou to celebrate Chinese New Year every year.

The fraternity has not only offered singing and dancing performances, but also invited folk artists to show off their stunts. Foreigners could learn to make paper cuttings, clay figures, dumplings, and have fun with various games.

In such a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, all the foreign guests have had a happy Chinese New Year experience.








Travel and writing   View Special Coverage

Seven overseas writers shared their ideas on "Travel and Writing" and "Travel and Hometown" with five Hangzhou writers at Hangzhou International Information Exchange Center (HiCenter).

The event was organized by Shanghai Daily, the Shanghai Writers' Association and HiCenter. The Hangzhou Tourism Commission, Hangzhou Information Office and Zhejiang Province Writers' Association also provided support.

It is a great opportunity to hear profound and inspiring ideas from these writers, and these ideas can be leveraged in the marketing of Hangzhou.










 Different Kinds of Art Exhibitions and Concerts

Trying to build a bridge to promote the cultural exchange between China and other countries, the center has held a Painting Exhibition of Markofa Castillo, the Cross-straits Art Exhibition of Lou Boan and Wu Shanming, Hangzhou Leisure Music Festival — Kunqu Opera Piano Concert and other activities.

All the exhibitions and concerts are free to the public.












Press conference

From September 2011 to November 2011, the center has been the news center of The Second World Leisure Expo and The Thirteenth West Lake Expo.

The center has held the opening ceremonies and press conferences of World Leisure Expo, West Lake Expo and International Fireworks Show.






Series of English Lectures on West Lake Culture Forum

As a social activity of public welfare launched jointly by Hangzhou International Exchange & Service Center and Hangzhou Normal University, the forum has held one or two cultural lectures per month to help foreigners gain a deeper understanding of Hangzhou. The lecturer vividly introduced all respects of Chinese culture related to foreigners’ daily lives through different kinds of methods, such as discussion, calligraphy presentation, Chinese traditional music performance and so forth. Volunteers from colleges have also provided interpretation and explanation services to foreigners so that they could understand the lectures well.

From September 2011, the center has held six lectures referring to Chinese calligraphy, zither performances on Chinese traditional music, culture of West Lake and folk tales of West Lake. The lectures have attracted more than 100 guests from all over the world and received high praise.





Photography exchanges between China and foreign countries


The center has regularly held lectures on photography, photography exhibitions, the meetings of photography enthusiasts and other activities that have provided a good platform for lovers of photography.

The Third “I love Hangzhou” Public Photography Festival: The festival displayed more than 600 photos from nearly 400 Chinese and foreign photographers, including photos in the “I love Hangzhou” series, photos from the American Professional Photographers Association and snapshots from the West Lake Water Lilies Photography Competition. Chinese National Geography English Edition has taken part in the festival and chosen some good works to publish. In addition, the American Professional Photographers Association and China Photographers Association have also dispatched some famous photographers to share with the photographic lovers.


“West Lake in May”, the Communicative Meeting Between Chinese and Foreign Photographic Lovers: Nearly 20 foreign photographers from the USA, Thailand, Yemen and other countries and over a dozen Chinese photographers have shown their best works taken in Hangzhou and shared their ideas on the afternoon of May 28.


Dushikuaibao Candid Photograph Exhibition: The exhibition has displayed the latest works of West Lake Fishing God and A Yuan, two photographers who have received many national and international awards. The works have depicted the beautiful scenery of West Lake and the life in Hangzhou. At the same time, the two photographers have given a terrific speech and answered the audiences’ questions.