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To show the world a thriving and dynamic Hangzhou, on March 25, 2009, Shanghai Daily inaugurated its Hangzhou Special page in the capital of Zhejiang Province known as the "tourism heaven." The page is available to all Shanghai Daily readers Mondays through Fridays. The page aims at display Hangzhou's abundant tourism resources and sound investment environment with vivid pictures and stories in an all round way.

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New view of scenic area

Nov 30, 2015

A bird's eye view of Hangzhou's West Lake scenic area. Recent cold weather from the north has changed the colors of the gingko and maple trees in the area.

Aomori connected

Nov 30, 2015

Japanese authorities from Aomori Prefecture recently announced that regular flight service connecting Aomori City and Hangzhou will begin in January.

Metro Line extension

Nov 30, 2015

A 5.6-kilometer extension of Metro Line 1 is now open, bringing metro service to an estimated 200,000 people in the Xiasha area.

Building spree

Nov 30, 2015

Xiaoshan District is in the midst of a building spree as Hangzhou gears up to host the 2016 G20 summit and the Asian Games in 2022.

Electric buses

Nov 30, 2015

By the end of 2015, Hangzhou could be operating as many as 1,600 pure electric buses, accounting for over 11 percent of its public transport fleet, authorities say.

New taxi policies

Nov 30, 2015

The starting fee for taxis from suburban areas of Xiaoshan, Yuhang, Fuyang and Xiasha will all be unified to 11 yuan, according to the taxi industry reform plan of the city recently released on the website

Trash regulations

Nov 30, 2015

Under new trash management regulations which go into effect on Tuesday, individuals who don't properly sort and dispose of household garbage could be fined up to 200 yuan (US$31), according to an announcement

West Lake Museum puts up artifacts on show

Nov 27, 2015 | Author: Wu Huixin

THE West Lake Museum plays a role in showcasing the lake's history and culture to the public, but it faced a unique dilemma when it completed the construction of the building 10 years ago — the antiques

Homemade cuisines to beat the winter chill

Nov 26, 2015 | Author: Wu Huixin

TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine recommends people to nourish organs and enrich blood during winter. Recipes that provide nutrients vary according to regions — some of them are pricey food ingredients like

Marvelous maples brighten West Lake attractions

Nov 25, 2015 | Author: Xu Wenwen

In spring, Hangzhou's West Lake is thronged with travelers who come to admire its elegant willows and colorful flowers.

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