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To show the world a thriving and dynamic Hangzhou, on March 25, 2009, Shanghai Daily inaugurated its Hangzhou Special page in the capital of Zhejiang Province known as the "tourism heaven." The page is available to all Shanghai Daily readers Mondays through Fridays. The page aims at display Hangzhou's abundant tourism resources and sound investment environment with vivid pictures and stories in an all round way.

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Everyday tales of dancing soldiers

Apr 24, 2015 | Author: Xu Wenwen

Go to any city in China and you're sure to see street corner vendors selling battery-operated toy soldier figures that crawl along the sidewalk, stopping only to fire their rifle.

Star performers in restaurant ratings

Apr 23, 2015 | Author: Wu Huixin

ON China's largest user review website, only a few Hangzhou restaurants receive five stars from diners. But those that do earn such rave reviews from customers are rewarded by queues

Liangzhu Cultural Village offers unique experience for guests and residents

Apr 22, 2015 | Author: Xu Wenwen

ALIENATION from one's neighbors is rampant in many of China's cookie-cutter apartment towers and modern residential compounds. Yet one development on the outskirts of Hangzhou is working to give residents

Top tea demand slump leaves bitter taste

Apr 21, 2015 | Author: Xu Wenwen

HANGZHOU'S famous pre-Qingming Longjing tea is this year proving difficult to sell — something that would have sounded insane to growers only a couple of years ago. After all, Longjing is regarded as

All aboard the animation train

Apr 20, 2015

Passengers in Hangzhou ride a train car on Metro Line 1 decked out with cartoon images. The comic art is part of the publicity campaign for the 11th China International Cartoon and Animation Festival, which will be held in the scenic city from April 28 to May 3 at the Baima Lake area.

Pollution in focus

Apr 20, 2015

The Hangzhou government is seeking public comment on a new pollution control scheme unveiled last week on its website.

Index unveiled

Apr 20, 2015

Alibaba-backed Ant Financial Services, together with Bosera Asset Management Co, Shanghai Gildata Service Inc and China Securities Index Co Ltd announced the launch earlier this month of the country's

New high-tech zone

Apr 20, 2015

The Hangzhou Linjiang National High-tech Zone was officially inaugurated last week on the south side of the Qiantang River.

Carpooling insurance

Apr 20, 2015

The Dongxinyuan Community in Xiacheng District has negotiated a preferential carpool insurance policy with a local insurer.

Colorful analysis of city's elegant shades of gray

Apr 17, 2015 | Author: Xu Wenwen

CHROMATISTS — experts in color planning — believe each city has its own distinctive palette: passionate hues for Brazil; dazzling for New Delhi; or romantic for Paris. When Hangzhou launched an urban

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