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To show the world a thriving and dynamic Hangzhou, on March 25, 2009, Shanghai Daily inaugurated its Hangzhou Special page in the capital of Zhejiang Province known as the "tourism heaven." The page is available to all Shanghai Daily readers Mondays through Fridays. The page aims at display Hangzhou's abundant tourism resources and sound investment environment with vivid pictures and stories in an all round way.

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Getting a kick out of soccer

Aug 10, 2015

Primary school students from Zhengzhou's Zhengshanglu team (in white) and Jinzhou's Pengxiang team compete in a national seeding match in Hangzhou. Twenty-four players will be selected from about 300 candidates to attend a training camp in England. Talented players will also be recruited by Hangzhou Green City Football Club for further training.

Porcelain exhibition like trip through time

Aug 7, 2015 | Author: Wu Huixin

THE Maritime Silk Road originated in the Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD 220) and was a vital trade route between ancient China, Europe, Africa and other Asian countries. Merchandise and ideas were exchanged via

US ambassadors find city full of amazing people and adventures

Aug 7, 2015

TO promote Hangzhou as a world-class tourism destination and lure more foreign visitors, the Hangzhou Tourism Commission organized Hangzhou China Global Tour 2015. Two families, one from China and the

Trendy scene emerges around small eateries

Aug 6, 2015 | Author: Xu Wenwen

THERE are two kinds of food streets. The sort organized by local authorities and the type that develop organically. Zhubuli, a community along Lane 400, Shaoxin Road is of the latter. The 500-meter strip

Staying cool is easy with these handy tips

Aug 5, 2015 | Author: Xu Wenwen

HANGZHOU is one of China's most scenic cities and attracts tourists from home and abroad, even in the summer when the temperature can exceed 40 degrees Celsius. If you out there in the blistering heat,

Former wetlands get extreme makeover

Aug 4, 2015 | Author: Xu Wenwen

AN eastern suburb of Hangzhou has its sights set on becoming an economic Cinderella story like the Pudong New Area of Shanghai. Originally wetlands and beach, the Dajiangdong Industrial Cluster District

Public projects

Aug 3, 2015

Hangzhou will launch 175 industrial and public projects in July and August worth a combined 67 billion yuan (US$10.79 billion) in investment.

Foreigners honored

Aug 3, 2015

Ten foreign experts recently received the Qianjiang Friendship Award for their outstanding contributions to Hangzhou's economic, cultural and social development.

Cultural park

Aug 3, 2015

Hangzhou will convert a deserted quarry into a cultural and creative park, officials said last week.

Extermination time

Aug 3, 2015

Hangzhou is using a new termite control method this year to cut the use of pesticides.

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