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Silk Products from Ming-Qing Period

Jul 17 - Sep 30 | China Silk Museum | free

China is the birthplace of silk industry and the origin of the Silk Road to Europe. Starting from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) silk goods were custom-made for exports to Europea...

Fan Painting Exhibition

Jul 18 - Oct 7 | Hangzhou Arts & Crafts Museum | free

An exhibition showcasing fan paintings drawn by 150 contemporary painters is underway at Hangzhou Arts and Crafts Museum through October 7.
One of the highlights is the c...

An Ancient Lacquerware Exhibition

Aug 22 - Sep 27 | 25 Gushan Road | free

More than 90 pieces of delicate and centuries-old lacquerware are displayed in the Zhejiang Museum through September 27. They include a batch of precious lacquerwares donated by...

Old China in the eye of John Thomson

Aug 29 - Oct 7 | China Silk Museum | free

Scottish photographer John Thomson traveled through China from 1868 to 1872 and took many pictures on route. A selection of his vintage photographs have been shown in 15 cities ...

The Moment, We Awe — Korean Contemporary Art

Sep 15 - Sep 28 | Sanshang Contemporary Art Gallery | free

The exhibition “The Moment, We Awe — Korean Contemporary Art” features an all-star line-up of South Korean artists and their 35 works including installations, ...

Drama: ‘Hamlet’

Sep 24 - Sep 25 | 77 Wulin Road | 100 yuan

“Hamlet,” the longest-running play of Shakespeare, is a masterpiece in English literature and has been adapted many times by artists around the world. Su Xiaogang, f...

Cai Jun’s Thriller Drama ‘Ghost Inn’

Sep 26 | Red Star Theater | 60-380 yuan

A murder in a small inn leads to a chain of events that add to the complexity of the plot. Cai Jun, the author of “Ghost Inn,” has written many detective and thrille...

Tap Dogs from Down Under

Sep 26 - Sep 27 | Song Dynasty Town | 70-830 yuan

Tap Dogs, the all-male Australian dance troupe, have taken the world by storm, becoming an international sensation with sell-out shows. They put power, humor, high velocity and ...

Drama: ‘Single’

Sep 27 - Sep 28 | 77 Wulin Road | 100 yuan

He Yufan, a creative Chinese theatre director and actor, is fond of experimenting with new styles. A graduate of Tsinghua University, He gained fame through his works such as &l...

Wang Feng’s Concert Tour

Sep 30 | Dragon Stadium | 280-1280 yuan

Wang Feng, a Chinese rock music star, believes music can heal a broken heart. His works can rekindle hope and fill people with love. He began his concert tour last year and has ...

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