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Zhoushan Fisherfolk Paintings Exhibition

Feb 28 - May 3 | Hangzhou Arts & Crafts Museum | free

More than 80 paintings of the Zhoushan Islands are on display at Hangzhou Art and Crafts Museum through May 3.

The paintings were created by fisherfolk who live on the i...

Xi Lan Ka Pu: Tujia Brocade of West of Hunan Province

Mar 11 - May 10 | China Silk Museum | free

The Tujia ethnic minority can trace its history back at least 2,000 years. Tujia brocade, known as xi lan ka pu, is recognized as a national intangible cultural heritage. Xi lan...

Zhou Yilun’s Art Show

Mar 15 - Apr 28 | Inna Contemporary Art Space | free

Chinese contemporary artist Zhou Yilun will make his Hangzhou debut with artworks transformed from waste materials. His series, dubbed R3PM3, are a mixture of elements of myster...

Gold and Silver Works from Song, Ming and Yuan Dynasties

Mar 16 - May 3 | Southern Song Dynasty Guan Kiln Museum | free

The exhibition presents 110 artworks made of gold and silver, most of which are hair accessories and daily items made during the Song, Yuan and Ming dynasties. These luxurious w...

Flower show in Wan Song Academy

Apr 2 - May 3 | Wansong Academy | free

The ancient Wansong Academy is holding a flower exhibition with “The Butterfly Lovers” as the theme. Located east of the Phoenix Hill, the academy was where Liang Sh...

Relics from Old Summer Palace

Apr 4 - May 11 | Westbrook Resort | 80 yuan

The exhibition shows art antiques from Yuanmingyuan, also known as the Old Summer Palace, in Beijing. The Qing Dynasty palace was destroyed during the Opium War in 1860. Through...

Oliver Stone Film Month

Apr 5 - Apr 26 | Han House | free

American filmmaker William Oliver Stone rose to prominence by writing and directing films about the Vietnam War which he joined as a soldier. Many of his films focus on contempo...

Zhu Yingren’s Calligraphy and Painting

Apr 8 - May 10 | The Dragon Hotel | free

The exhibition features 31 paintings and calligraphic works by Zhu Yingren, an 85-year-old Chinese artist. His ink-and-wash paintings show the recurring motifs of orchid flowers...

Azalea Blooms in Botanic Garden

Apr 21 - May 18 | Hangzhou Botanical Gardens | 10 yuan (free for kids below 1.5m)

About 20,000 azalea flowers in over 200 varieties are blooming in the Hangzhou Botanic Garden. They are grouped according to their colors in five zones. The Qinglong Hill in the...

Taiziwan Tulip Extravaganza

Apr 21 - Apr 30 | Taiziwan Park | free

Taiziwan Park is displaying 500,000 tulips and some other flowers such as hyacinth, anemone, and fritillaria in the 22nd tulip show. Visitors are invited to participate in a pho...

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