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Tujia Xilankapu Brocade in the West of Hunan Province

Jul 17 - Aug 22 | China Silk Museum | free

Brocade made by ethnic Tujia women in the western part of Hunan Province is one of the four famous styles of brocade in China. The other three are by women of Zhuang, Li and Dai...

Silk Products from Ming-Qing Period

Jul 17 - Sep 30 | China Silk Museum | free

China is the birthplace of silk industry and the origin of the Silk Road to Europe. Starting from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) silk goods were custom-made for exports to Europea...

The 3rd West Lake Lotus Show

Jul 17 - Aug 31 | Guo's Villa | 10 yuan

There are more than 600 varieties of lotuses on view in Guo’s Villa by West Lake and at Lotus in Breeze at Crooked Courtyard, another lakeside park. Guo's Villa charges 10...

Ancient Cargo Salvaged from Shipwreck

Jul 17 - Jul 30 | Zhejiang Provincial Museum Wulin Branch | free

Porcelains, coins, stone carvings and bronze wares retrieved from a sunken ship in Huaguang Reef off Hainan Island are on display in the museum. These artifacts from the Song Dy...

Private Collections on Exhibit

Jul 17 - Aug 8 | Zhejiang Provincial Museum in Gushan | free

Jade carvings, bronzes, porcelains and other art works from the private collections by five local collectors are on display at the Zhejiang Provincial Museum in Gushan. Some pie...

Fan Painting Exhibition

Jul 18 - Oct 7 | Hangzhou Arts & Crafts Museum | free

An exhibition showcasing fan paintings drawn by 150 contemporary painters is underway at Hangzhou Arts and Crafts Museum through October 7.
One of the highlights is the c...

‘Fuerza Bruta’

Jul 22 - Aug 10 | Hangzhou Boiler Factory | 480-580 yuan

“Fuerza Bruta” is a postmodern drama that has been performed around the world since its debut in Broadway in 2007. The name of the drama means "Brute Force"...

National Exhibition of Peasant Paintings

Jul 25 - Aug 24 | Hangzhou Arts & Crafts Museum | free

Chinese peasant paintings are a special genre of art marked by use of bright colors and vivid scenes of rural life. The paintings on display are selected from across the country...

‘Beauty and the Joker’

Jul 30 | Hangzhou Theater | 100-880 yuan

In a kingdom far away, the queen issues a decree of prohibition of laughter after the king’s death. Several years later, the public finds the secret hidden behind the decr...

Piano Recital by Renata Benvegnu

Jul 31 | Hangzhou Theater | 50-300 yuan

Born in 1986 in Venice, Italian pianist Renata Benvegnu has won numerous international awards and received the title of Best Young Italian Concert Performer of 2007. She will in...

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