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Exhibition ‘The Great Wall of China’

Aug 4 - Aug 28 | Zhejiang Art Museum | Free

“The Great Wall of China” is an exhibition of photos, paintings and calligraphies to mark the 70th anniversary of China’s victory in its war against Japanese i...

Paintings of Cheng Dongfan

Aug 4 - Aug 31 | Building 12 | Free

Chinese-American artist Chen Dongfan is holding his second solo exhibition in Hangzhou after he made a debut show in 2013. The exhibition displays more than 100 drawings and pai...

“Skill Trading” Course

Aug 4 - Sep 1 | Hangzhou Library | Free

“Skill Trading,” also known as “skill exchange,” is an activity where one can mutually teach skills with his/her exchange partner. First organized in 201...

16 Minutes concert in Hangzhou

Aug 14 | 4-105 Yuangu Innovative Zone | Free

Selected as one of the best bands by magazine The Beijinger, 16 Minutes is not just an indie alternative band but more like a hybrid cross-cultural one. The members are from thr...

One Person's India

Aug 10 - Aug 16 | Xitian Town | Free

“One Person's India” is a photo exhibition presenting the works of female artist Chen Yanfei who went on a one-month expedition across the country. Chen is the senio...

Concert: Psychedelic Experiment

Aug 14 | 2F South Building | 40 yuan

As a landmark club for music lovers in Hangzhou, 9-Club has invited numerous talented singers and musicians to give themed parties. "Psychedelic experiment" is a conce...

Paintings of Ibrar Haider Bhatti

Aug 10 - Aug 16 | Shanlang Art Space | Free

Ibrar Haider Bhatti is a 39-year-old Pakistani artist who has a Master’s degree in physics but his real interest is in fine arts. His oil and acrylic paintings show influe...

‘City Sound Field’

Aug 12 | 4-105 Yuangu Innovative Zone | 40 yuan

GS League is an active electronic music group based in Beijing and performs at parties for young people. It has three influential DJs nicknamed Cavia, Whybeatz and Civanj. They ...

Photo Exhibition of Alberto Lotito

Aug 19 - Aug 31 | Sanlang Art Dimension | Free

Alberto Lotito is a 48-year-old Italian freelance photographer who believes in the “candid camera” of Henri Cartier-Bresson. Lotito's photographs show the real life ...

Something Market

Aug 22 - Aug 23 | 405 Fuxing Road | 30 yuan

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