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Fundraising Concert by Tan

Apr 10 | Student Art Center | 280 yuan

Tan is an idol for many Chinese girls and is known for taking part in the widely watched singing contest “Happy Boy.” The concert is his cooperation with FM 104.5 to...

Qingqu Crosstalk Show

Apr 11 | Hangzhou Theater | 100-680 yuan

Crosstalk is a witty, pun-filled, hilarious dialogue between two stand-up comedians and is an extremely popular Chinese art form. Qingqu is a comedy troupe based in Xi’an,...

Drama: ‘Love, Taste, Farewell, Louis Kahn’

Apr 4 - Apr 6 | 3 Shuimennanlong | 200 yuan each, 350 yuan for two

A play that combines elements of opera, dance and multimedia will captivate the Hangzhou audience. Three people in the audience will be invited to act impromptu on stage. Direct...

Murakami Takashi Art Exhibition

Apr 1 - Apr 12 | Kuaiyi Space | Free

Takashi Murakami is an internationally-acclaimed Japanese artist who is creative with different mediums such as painting and sculpture. He is known for blurring the line between...

Exhibition of Bamboo Woven Articles

Apr 1 - May 24 | 4/F | Free

All bamboo articles on display were woven by 11 senior Shanghai craftsmen with the oldest being 93 years old. These bamboo products were common in the city’s daily life bu...

Yang Chen’s ‘Voice of Meditation’

Apr 3 - Apr 4 | Trojan House | 120-280 yuan

Yang Chen is a show host with China Central Radio, well known for his sonorous voice. This time, he will read out some stories and then tell the audience how to discover and exp...

Art Exhibition ‘Start and Grow’

Apr 16 - Apr 26 | Zhejiang Art Museum | Free

Qiu Zhendong is a contemporary artist, and professor of China Central Art University. His calligraphy combines the traditional Chinese ideas and western viewpoints, which makes ...

Lecture: ‘The Middle-earth in Film and Novel”

Apr 18 | Xinxin Hotel | free

Deng Jiawan, the translator of “The Lord of the Rings,” “The Silmarillion” and other Middle-earth book series, will explain what the Middle-earth is abou...

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