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Lacquerware from Song and Yuan dynasties

May 6 - Sep 6 | Zhejiang Museum | Free

The making of lacquerware can be traced to 7,000 years ago. In 1978, red lacquer bowls were unearthed in the ruins of Hemudu Culture in Yuyao, near Hangzhou. The 90-odd lacquerw...

Film 'The Words'

May 30 - Aug 6 | Dahan Bookhouse | 10 yuan

Dahan Bookhouse holds a film salon every Saturday until August 6. Movie fans are welcome to share films they have watched and give comments on them. “The Words,” a 2...

Concert ‘Castle in the Sky’

Jun 10 - Aug 12 | Red Star Theater | 102 - 414 yuan

“Castle in the Sky” is a concert of Japanese music and songs composed by Joe Hisaishi for animation films directed by Hayao Miyazaki. The orchestra will play Hisaish...

Paintings of Titian and Rubens

Jul 12 - Aug 25 | Quanshanshi Art Center | 50 yuan

Titian was an Italian painter and the most important member of the 16th century Venetian school. His works “Diana and O Actaeon” and “Markatonio Morosini&rdquo...

Oil Painting Exhibition

Jul 18 - Jul 28 | 6 Xiangshan Road E. | free

An art feast of Chinese contemporary realistic painting and the French 19-20th century sculpture. The exhibition has invited many oil painting artists from the China Academy of ...

Drama 'And Then There Were None'

Jul 22 - Jul 24 | Zhejiang Shengli Theater | 180-600 yuan

“And Then There Were None” is a novel written by English playwright Agatha Christie. It tells about a group of people being lured to an island for different purposes...

Concert ‘Future City’

Jul 24 | 2/F | 50-70yuan

Ma Haiping, a well-known Chinese composer, will hold a concert in Hangzhou, presenting works from his new album “Folding Traces.” He will perform with a trumpet play...

Children’s Drama ‘Peter Pan’

Aug 8 | 136 Hushu Road S. | 80-180 yuan

Peter Pan is a mischievous boy who has fascinating adventures on the island of Neverland. China Children's Art Theatre employs 3D technology in the performance of this play.

Drama ‘The Count of Mulong Hill’

Aug 26 - Aug 28 | Zhejiang Drama Theatre | 100— 680 yuan

“The Count of Wulong Hill” is a comedy produced by Mahua FunAge, a theatrical company in Beijing. Starring actors Ma Li and Sheng Teng, the comedy rolls funny social...

Drama ‘Hua Mulan’

Sep 9 | 136 Hushu Road S. | 80-180 yuan

Hua Mulan is a legendary woman warrior in ancient China who takes her aged father's place in the army. She was known for practicing martial arts and being skilled with the sword...