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Comedy ‘Liar’

Sep 21 - Nov 29 | Trojan House | 80-280 yuan

"Liar" is adapted from the English theater farce "Run for Your Wife" written by Ray Cooney. It tells about a Korean cab driver Do Min-joon who enjoys jugglin...

Exhibition ‘The Bodies’

Oct 8 - Nov 30 | 581 Zhongshan Road N. | 40 yuan

“The Bodies” is an exhibition that shows the workings of human organs in vivid graphics and objects, including the development of fetus in the womb.

Class on Preserving Flowers

Oct 20 - Nov 30 | Lanshui Cafe | free

Fresh flowers and leaves can be preserved using a revolutionary method so as to keep their vivid look for three to five years. The class will teach the method to participants.

Han Dong’s Solo Exhibition

Oct 20 - Dec 10 | 170 Qingchun Road | free

“Memorandum” is the name of an exhibition featuring the paintings of Han Dong, an artist skilled in oil and ink painting as well as sketch drawing. Works on display ...

2015-2016 CBA for Guang Sha Basketball Club

Nov 8 - Feb 5 | 210 Tiyuchang Road | 100-220 yuan

Guang Sha Basketball Club was founded in 2005. It won the NBL champion in 2006 and entered China Basketball Association in the same year. This is the home game for Guang Sha Bas...

Southern Song Dynasty Relics Special Exhibition

Nov 17 - Apr 3 | 581 Zhongshan Road N. | Free

The Southern Song Dynasty Relics Special Exhibition features nearly 500 cultural relics in the Southern Song Dynasty from more than 40 museums and cultural institutions across t...

Exhibition 'Van Gogh Alive'

Nov 24 - Nov 30 | 102 Genshan Road W. | 80-220 yuan

“Van Gogh Alive” is presented by Grande Exhibitions from Australia. It will display more than 3,000 masterpieces of Van Gogh in his different periods. This exhibitio...

Dumbshow 'André and Dorine'

Nov 24 - Dec 13 | 21 Zijingang Road | 80-280 yuan

The story is about André and Dorine, an elderly couple who need to remember who they were, so as not to forget who they are now. “André and Dorine” has...

Retro Films Market

Nov 28 | Trojan House | 10 yuan

Retro Films Market is a theme party for cinephiles of old films. Participants who dress up like their favorite film characters will have chance to watch the film for free.

Vitas’ Concert Tour

Nov 28 | Hangzhou Theater | 680-1,680 yuan

Russian singer-songwriter Vitaliy Vladasovich Grachov, who is known by his stage name Vitas, will give a concert in Hangzhou in November. Vitas rose to fame in 2001 with his hig...

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