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Flower arrangement class

Apr 3 - Jun 26 | 10/F | 200 yuan

Ikebana means art of flower arrangement in Japanese. It originated from the Buddhist practice of offering flowers to the spirits of the dead. As time passed, Ikebana became an a...

National Geographic Photo Show

Apr 22 - Jun 26 | 1766 Binsheng Road | 40-48 yuan

“The Age of Exploration” is an exhibition of the National Geographic magazine. It displays 800 magazine covers from its first issue in 1888. The covers are grouped b...

Lacquerware from Song and Yuan dynasties

May 6 - Sep 6 | Zhejiang Museum | Free

The making of lacquerware can be traced to 7,000 years ago. In 1978, red lacquer bowls were unearthed in the ruins of Hemudu Culture in Yuyao, near Hangzhou. The 90-odd lacquerw...

Painting Lessons

May 8 - Jun 26 | Hubin Jiayuan | Free

Art Corner in Hubin Jiayuan offers free lessons on sketch and painting skills. The art class is held every Sunday until June 26. People without any painting experience are also ...

Film 'The Words'

May 30 - Aug 6 | Dahan Bookhouse | 10 yuan

Dahan Bookhouse holds a film salon every Saturday until August 6. Movie fans are welcome to share films they have watched and give comments on them. “The Words,” a 2...

Nordic Film Month

Jun 7 - Jul 1 | Henglu Art Gallery | free

The Nordic Film Month in June is part of the activities in Hangzhou to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the invention of motion pictures. Films from around the world will be s...

Concert ‘Castle in the Sky’

Jun 10 - Aug 12 | Red Star Theater | 102 - 414 yuan

“Castle in the Sky” is a concert of Japanese music and songs composed by Joe Hisaishi for animation films directed by Hayao Miyazaki. The orchestra will play Hisaish...

Art Treasures from Louvre Museum

Jun 12 - Jun 26 | Intime City | free

Intime City is holding an exhibition of 100 art works from the Louvre Museum of Paris. Most of the pieces were made by artists in the sculpture studio of the Louvre Museum.

Exhibition ‘Warm iron’

Jun 20 - Jul 18 | 458 Xiaohe Road | 98 yuan

The exhibition explores the relationship between humans and artifacts made of iron. Visitors can learn about Chinese craftsmanship involved in making iron artworks.

Film Salon

Jun 20 - Jun 30 | Sharedeas Coffee at the corner of Fengtan Road and Yuhangtang Road | free

A film salon is held every Wednesday evening at Sharedeas Coffee. People can talk about everything about films, directors and film stars.