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Lan Yin Hua Bu Exhibition

Nov 7 - Dec 24 | China Knife, Scissors and Sword Museum | free

The Tong Feng Yu workshop has teamed with Nantong Lan Yin Hua Bu Museum to set up an exhibition featuring more than 180 pieces at Hangzhou Crafts and Arts Museum through Decembe...

Goldfish Exhibition

Nov 7 - Nov 30 | Hangzhou Botanical Gardens | 10 yuan

A goldfish exhibition will take place at Hangzhou Botanical Garden this weekend to show more than 500 goldfish of over 60 varieties, including some very precious ones.


TEDxXihu wants volunteers

Nov 8 - Nov 30 | China Academy of Art, Nanshan Campus | free

TEDxXihu is an annual event approved by TED, a nonprofit organization devoted to “Ideas Worth Spreading.” Scientists, scholars, artists and entrepreneurs with creati...

Exhibition of China’s Precious Ancient Books

Nov 10 - Nov 30 | Zhejiang Library | Free

Zhejiang Library is displaying 200 ancient books, all on the list of rare books under protection in China. These books shed light on the history of Zhejiang.

Broadway Longest Solo Play ‘Defending the Caveman’

Nov 28 - Nov 29 | Zhejiang Drama Art Theater | 80-200 yuan

A blend of stand-up comedy, lecture, and therapy session, the play “Defending the Caveman” attempts to resolve the war between the sexes. It manages to stand up for ...

Concert by Tan Dun

Dec 13 | Hangzhou Grand Theater | 120-680 yuan

Tan Dun is a Chinese composer and conductor best known for his scores for the film of “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” and for award ceremonies during the 2008 Beiji...

Children’s Musical ‘Boonie Bears’

Dec 13 | Hangzhou Theater | 180-380 yuan

“Boonie Bears” is a popular Chinese animated cartoon series, depicting Logger Vick and two bears in the forest, Briar and Bramble. The episodes generally revolve aro...

‘Hamlet’ by TNT Theater

Dec 16 - Dec 17 | Zhejiang Culture Center Theater | 60-260 yuan

‘Hamlet’ is one of the greatest stage plays in the world. Prince Hamlet’s problems, though found in Shakespeare’s time, are relevant to today’s aud...

‘The Yellow Storm’

Dec 19 - Dec 20 | Hangzhou Grand Theater | 180-1,680 yuan

Written 60 years ago, "The Yellow Storm" tells about the life of the Chinese during the Japanese Occupation from 1937 to 1945. Its author Lao She was one of the best-k...

Farce: ‘The Donkey Has Got Water’

Dec 20 | Song Dynasty Town | 50-580 yuan

Set in the early 20th century China, the story tells about water shortage in a rural school, which hires a donkey to carry water for students but puts the donkey on the payroll ...

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