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Silk Products from Ming-Qing Period

Jul 17 - Sep 30 | China Silk Museum | free

China is the birthplace of silk industry and the origin of the Silk Road to Europe. Starting from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) silk goods were custom-made for exports to Europea...

The 3rd West Lake Lotus Show

Jul 17 - Aug 31 | Guo's Villa | 10 yuan

There are more than 600 varieties of lotuses on view in Guo’s Villa by West Lake and at Lotus in Breeze at Crooked Courtyard, another lakeside park. Guo's Villa charges 10...

Fan Painting Exhibition

Jul 18 - Oct 7 | Hangzhou Arts & Crafts Museum | free

An exhibition showcasing fan paintings drawn by 150 contemporary painters is underway at Hangzhou Arts and Crafts Museum through October 7.
One of the highlights is the c...

Zhejiang Museum’s 5th Anniversary Art Show

Jul 29 - Sep 2 | Zhejiang Art Museum | free

Altogether 120 art pieces are on display to mark the fifth anniversary of the museum. The exhibits are selected from the museum’s collection of over 17,000 artworks, inclu...

An Ancient Lacquerware Exhibition

Aug 22 - Sep 27 | 25 Gushan Road | free

More than 90 pieces of delicate and centuries-old lacquerware are displayed in the Zhejiang Museum through September 27. They include a batch of precious lacquerwares donated by...

Moscow State Circus China Tour

Aug 29 - Aug 31 | Dragon Stadium | 180-700 yuan

The famous Moscow State Circus will perform in the city’s Dragon Stadium for three days this month and mesmerize local Chinese with its breathtaking stunts and spectacular...

Old China in the eye of John Thomson

Aug 29 - Oct 7 | China Silk Museum | free

Scottish photographer John Thomson traveled through China from 1868 to 1872 and took many pictures on route. A selection of his vintage photographs have been shown in 15 cities ...

‘Carmen’ by Ballet of Murcia

Sep 9 | Hangzhou Theater | 80-880 yuan

"Carmen" tells the story of love, jealousy and death between soldier Don José and the gypsy dancer Carmen. The passionate yet melancholic Flamenco, performed by...

Concert by Midori, Hangzhou Philharmonic

Sep 14 | Hangzhou Grand Theater | 80-680 yuan

Violinist Midori made her debut at the age of 11 when she was introduced as a surprise guest artist at the New York Philharmonic's annual New Year's Eve concert in 1982. She lat...

Impression: Chinese Music

Sep 15 | Zhejiang People's Great Hall | pre-sales

Based on Dunhuang murals painted hundreds of years ago, “Impression: Chinese Music” is a concert that brings 86 kinds of ancient musical instruments back to life. Th...

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