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Cartoon drawings on exhibit

Mar 4 - May 3 | 570 Tiyuchang Road | Free

Cartoon drawings created by Cui Sese are on exhibition at STOP Café. Cui’s works are inspired by the writings of Japanese author Haruki Murakami.

Flower arrangement class

Apr 3 - Jun 26 | 10/F | 200 yuan

Ikebana means art of flower arrangement in Japanese. It originated from the Buddhist practice of offering flowers to the spirits of the dead. As time passed, Ikebana became an a...

National Geographic Photo Show

Apr 22 - Jun 26 | 1766 Binsheng Road | 40-48 yuan

“The Age of Exploration” is an exhibition of the National Geographic magazine. It displays 800 magazine covers from its first issue in 1888. The covers are grouped b...

Musicale of Joe Hisaishi

May 13 | Hangzhou Grand Theater | 80-1,000 yuan

Mamoru Fujisawa, known by his stage name Joe Hisaishi, is a Japanese composer and musical director. He is best known for creating scores for Japanese film director and animator ...

Eason Chan’s Solo Concert

May 14 | 1 Huanglong Road | 380-1,680 yuan

Eason Chan is a renowned Hong Kong singer and winner of the "Best Mandarin Male Singer" award twice, in 2003 and 2015. He will hold a solo concert at Huanglong Sports ...

'Letter from an Unknown Woman'

May 20 - May 22 | Red Star Theater | 100-807 yuan

The drama, “Letter from an Unknown Woman,” is adapted from a novel written by Austrian writer Stefan Zweig. It tells about an author who reads letters from a woman h...

Comedy 'Sand and a Distant Star'

May 20 - May 21 | Hangzhou Grand Theater | 180-1,080 yuan

“Sand and a Distant Star” is a comedy directed by Taiwan dramatist Stan Lai. It depicts the attempt of an old lady who is good at astronomy to search for her husband...

Drama 'Alice in Wonderland'

May 28 | 136 Hushu Road S. | 120-380 yuan

"Alice in Wonderland" is a novel written by English author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. It tells about a girl named Alice falling through a rabbit hole into a fantasy wor...

Play ‘The Andersen Code’

May 28 - May 29 | Hangzhou Theater | 100-360 yuan

"The Andersen Code" is a children's play directed by Li Tong. It tells about a girl coming into a fairytale world and piecing together the last wish of Andersen.

Children's Musical 'Cats'

May 29 | Red Star Theater | 100-320 yuan

“Cats” is a Chinese musical adapted from a namesake Broadway classic. It tells the story of a tribe of abandoned cats that attempt to win back the love of humans.

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