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Drama ‘The Count of Mulong Hill’

Aug 26 - Aug 28 | Zhejiang Drama Theatre | 100— 680 yuan

“The Count of Wulong Hill” is a comedy produced by Mahua FunAge, a theatrical company in Beijing. Starring actors Ma Li and Sheng Teng, the comedy rolls funny social...

Children’s Drama ‘Peter Pan’

Aug 8 | 136 Hushu Road S. | 80-180 yuan

Peter Pan is a mischievous boy who has fascinating adventures on the island of Neverland. China Children's Art Theatre employs 3D technology in the performance of this play.

Calligraphy Exhibition

Aug 8 - Aug 14 | Zhejiang Art Museum | free

Zhejiang Art Museum is holding an exhibition of Chinese calligraphy and seal prints this month. All the works by 25 calligraphers are brushwork copies of “The Analects of ...

Films for the Blind People

Aug 8 - Sep 10 | Zhejiang Library | free

Zhejiang Library has volunteers working at the service center for visually impaired. These volunteers work as narrators in film shows so that the blind people can also “se...

Films from G20 Countries

Aug 8 - Aug 27 | Hangzhou Library (New) | free

To greet the G20 summit, Hangzhou Library is showing 20 films from G20 countries, which display their unique cultures, folk customs, and natural beauty.