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String Quartet: ‘A Night at the Oscars’

Oct 24 | Hangzhou Theater | 50-300 yuan

Four talented French musicians founded the Amon quartet in 2008 and have since collaborated with artists around the world. The ensemble’s repertoire now ranges from classi...

Matt Hires’ Concert

Oct 13 | 9 Club | 50-60 yuan

Matt Hires, 30, is an American singer-songwriter from Tampa, Florida. Drawing inspirations from The Band, Sufjan Stevens, Wilco and Ryan Adams, Matt became the first artist to s...

Peter Bradley Adams’ Concert

Oct 28 | 9 Club | Free

Peter Bradley Adams is an American folk-pop singer-songwriter from Alabama. After releasing a limited edition solo EP in 2005, Adams was praised by some critics, including The W...

Concert ‘Autumn Moon over Lake’

Oct 6 | Hangzhou Stadium | 180-580 yuan

Gufeng Music Assemble is an orchestra that combines traditional Chinese melodies with pop music. It has held concerts in Beijing, Nanjing and Guangzhou and drew critical acclaim...

Dance Drama ‘Ambush on All Sides’

Oct 7 - Oct 9 | Hangzhou Theater | 280 yuan

"Ambush from All Sides" is a dance drama starring Yang Liping, famous for her solo work "The Peacock," Yang’s another dance "Dynamic Yunnan" ...

Revel's World of Shakespeare

Oct 30 - Oct 31 | 77 Wulin Road | 60 yuan

“Revel’s World of Shakespeare” is a soliloquy written and performed by American director Joseph Gravesand. The play is based on his personal experiences of dir...

‘I'll Be Back Before Midnight’

Oct 25 | 148 Zhijiang Road | 80-480 yuan

“I’ll Be Back Before Midnight” is a Canadian thriller written by playwright Peter Colley and premiered early this year in Malta. It has since been staged in ab...

Dessert Foretaste

Oct 8 - Oct 31 | B2 | Free

Dessert Foretaste is a tasting event organized by dessert shops in Hangzhou. Refreshments made of fresh fruits like mango and durian from Malaysia and fruit drinks from Hong Kon...

Exhibition ‘The Bodies’

Oct 8 - Nov 30 | 581 Zhongshan Road N. | 40 yuan

“The Bodies” is an exhibition that shows the workings of human organs in vivid graphics and objects, including the development of fetus in the womb.

Concert of A-Lin

Oct 17 | Huanglong Sports Center | 480-1080

Huang Li-ling, better known by her stage name A-Lin, is a Taiwanese pop singer. She gained fame after winning the sixth place in “I’m A Singer China 2014” tale...

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