3 events found under May 10, 2012

Startling by Each Step

May 9 - May 10 | Hangzhou Grand Theater | 99-799 yuan

“Startling by Each Step” is the latest drama directed by Li Bo’nan, who is known for several box office hits. The play tells the story of a girl who travels in...

Cai Guoqiang’s exhibition——Spring

May 10 - Jun 3 | Zhejiang Art Museum | free

Cai Guoqiang, a 55-year-old pyrotechnic artist from Quanzhou, Fujian Province, has earned a wide reputation for making 29 “footprints” in the form of fireworks in th...

Western Sculptures

May 10 - Jun 16 | 581 Zhongshan Road N. | free

This exhibition features the works of many world-famous sculptors such as Auguste Rodin, Camille Claudel and Paul Gauguin. Rodin, a pioneer in modern sculpture, had the ability ...