Drama: Crazy, Crazy

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Jun 15, 2018
171-551 yuan
Zhejiang Drama Ensemble Theater, 136 Hushu Rd S.浙话艺术剧院 拱墅区湖墅南路136号(湖墅南路、文晖路交叉口)

The drama tells the story of two ordinary people’s adventure. One is a famous cyclist, another is a genius teenager. Because of a strange “health-care product,” their lives have totally changed. The cyclist Geng Hao was banned from the competition for doping. He failed to recover and suffered from serious psychological illness. The genius Liu Xiaodao also suffered from a terrible disease incurred by the health-care product that was endorsed by Geng... When they meet together with another female lawyer who was eager to prove herself, the funny story begins.

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