Conventions and exhibitions

The convention and exhibition industry is a great driver of urban economies, with high consumption capacity, lucrative profits, and a powerful drive for related industries. Hangzhou’s two most important conventions and exhibitions are the Hangzhou West Lake Expo and China International Cartoon and Animation Festival.

The Hangzhou West Lake Expo is a window to the world, showcasing the quality of life in the city since its beginnings in 1929. When the annual event resumed in 2000, it built on its success and now attracts millions of tourists from home and abroad to visit Hangzhou, together with businessmen, experts and scholars.

The picturesque scenery, urban images, civilized quality of Hangzhou residents, livable conditions and sound investment environment have left a deep impression on them.

With the Expo as a development platform, the convention and exhibition industry in Hangzhou has picked up the pace of development. The number of programs involved in the Expo reached 39 in 2000 and 122 in 2009, while the venue has expanded from urban areas in Hangzhou to its neighboring areas such as Zhuji, about 90kms away. Meanwhile, the Expo has also spawned monthly exhibitions and quarterly activities, while in the past it was only held for three weeks in October.

China International Cartoon and Animation Festival is yet another carnival held in Hangzhou which has attracted nationwide and global attention in the industry.

Since 2005, Hangzhou has successfully held five China International Cartoon and Animation festivals. The Fifth China International Cartoon and Animation Festival, held last year amid the global financial crisis, attracted more than 300 enterprises from 38 countries and regions. The festival attracted 780,000 people to its various events.

Cartoon and animation is no longer for children, but attracts fans of all ages, keen to explore model castles, trains and shops, and meeting favorite cartoon characters up close.

The Cartoon and Animation Festival aims at building itself into a great event for the industry and a carnival for residents.

The achievements and success of these two events have invigorated the convention and exhibition industry in Hangzhou, enhancing its reputation worldwide.

Hangzhou is a city of leisure. With its picturesque scenery, fascinating art shows, various expositions and colourful activities, Hangzhou is a city of joy for all.