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When evening falls, Hangzhou's pubs and clubs surface to make up the city's nightlife. Hitting a bar or a pub would be a great idea after a day out as a sip of wine while relaxing to jazz music will end the day on a perfect note. Pubs in Hangzhou are vibrant and packed with an international community gathering to chill out, while the tea houses are tranquil with a pleasant environment that allows one to sit back and savor various kinds of coffee and tea.

Try out JZ Club or Huanglou (黄楼) which is one of Hangzhou's popular pubs with live foreign performances almost every night. Modern and laidback, the tables are set with tea lights for a soft relaxing atmosphere where guests can settle in the armchairs and exchange idle conversations. A variety of performances ranging from jazz, soul, instrumental and R&B are put up by foreign artistes every night. The pub serves menu consisting of mock tails, cocktails, fine imported liquor and wine, special house mixes and snacks. Guests, who are staying for more than one night in Hangzhou, can purchase a bottle of imported liquor at the pub where it will be kept and served to you whenever you pay your next visit.

- Address: No. 6 Liuying Road.
- Tel: +86 571 8702 8298.
- Website:
- Email:

Impressionist West Lake

Produced by famed director, Zhang Yimou, Impressionist West Lake is a musical performance on the surface of the lake just across the road from Yue Fei Temple. With a play of lights, ancient costumes and melancholic music set in the beauty of the lake, performers play out the story of Madam White Snake on a stage partly immersed in the water. This not only gives the impression of dancers on the water surface instead of a visible solid platform, but also allows the use of water as a visual effect and a prop.

The show begins with the meeting of Bai Suzhen and Xu Xian and ends with their eternal separation. Background dancers accompany every scene of the story with performances to bring out the emotions. Unique props and costumes used in the show, such as the scene of the white feather dance and another scene where dancers are dressed in black raincoats and hitting water drums, all points to a refreshing change from conventions.

As the title suggests, the musical is meant to inspire imagination by giving audience a glimpse into the romantic legend of the lake. Like a piece of art where the strokes of an artist and nature blend to create a masterpiece, Impressionist West Lake leaves a lingering impression on the audience. Just like the couple who though belong to legend, remnants of their dreams and love gave West Lake an eternal nostalgic and melancholic beauty.

Note: The performance is suspended at present for program upgrade. The resumption time hasn't been announced. Both the ticketing booth and the performance venue are just across the road, opposite Yue Fei Temple. Please be seated 30 minutes before the performance starts. If there is a light drizzle, the show will still resume as scheduled but please refrain from using umbrellas. Rain coats or ponchos will be provided by the staff to the audience upon arrival. In the event of lightning or a thunderstorm, the show will be cancelled for safety reasons and tickets can be refunded within 3 days.

- Performance schedule: 1st show: 7.45pm-8.45pm. 2nd show: 9.15pm-10.15pm.
- Prices: for normal seating, the price is 260-280 yuan per person; for VIP stand, the price per person is 350-450 yuan per person and for the grand stand, the price is 600 yuan per person.
- Company address: No. 29 Yanggongdi
- Tel: +86 571 85791266
- Fax: +86 571 87969478
- Website:

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