Jogging has become increasingly popular among urban dwellers, especially young people, who combine workout with sightseeing and enjoy the camaraderie of other joggers. We have selected nine jogging routes for people to try and enjoy this summer.



1. Huanglong Stadium


The starting point of the Hangzhou Marathon since 1987, Huanglong Stadium is the perfect start of your run.


Route: Huanglong Road—Shuguang Road—Baoshu Road—Beishan Road—Huancheng Road W.—Hubin Road—Nanshan Road—Hupao Road—Zhijiang Road—Meiling Road (turn around)—Zhijiang Road—West Lake Golf Club (turn around)—Zhijiang Road—Hupao Road—Yanggongdi—Shuguang Road—Qiushi Road—Huanglong Stadium

Note: There can be a lot of cars, tourists and bicycles on the route during the day, but you can find other roads back to the stadium if you like.


2. Qianjiang New Town Citizen Center


This building is in the core area of Qianjiang New Town and is near the Hangzhou City Government, Hangzhou Library and Hangzhou Grand Theater.


Route: Huanglong Road—Shuguang Road—Baoshu Road—Beishan Road—Shengtang Scenic Area Road—Hubin Road—Nanshan Road—Santaishan Road—Longjing Road—Meilin Road N—Meiling Tunnel—Meiling Road S.—Zhijiang Road (turn around)—Zhijiang Road—Qianchao Road—Fuchun Road—Citizen Center

Note: This route may also be crowded with traffic but the good thing is that you can stop by many interesting places.


3. The Broken Bridge


The Broken Bridge in West Lake is a popular gathering place for joggers who can enjoy scenery throughout their run.


Route: The Broken Bridge—Bai Causeway—Gushan—Su Causeway—Hupao Road—Meiling Road N.—Meiling Road S.—Lingyin Road—Beishan Road—the Broken Bridge

Note: You may find some tourists and cyclists along the route and if you feel exhausted, you can rent a bicycle to complete the round.


Total length: 29 kilometers


4. Around West Lake


(1). East Ring
The route will take you around the outer lake of the West Lake and let you see most of the scenic attractions around the lake.
Route: Hubin No. 6 Park—No. 1 Park—Liuying Park—Changqiao Park—Nanshan Road—Su Causeway—Beishan Street—Xileng Bridge—Gushan—White Causeway—Beishan Street—Hubin No. 6 Park
Note: This is one of the most popular routes for local joggers, particularly after dark. There are many people in the lake area who may stand in your way. But the route is quiet and safe at night.
Total length: 10.6 kilometers


(2). West Ring
This route brings you to the Botanical Garden, Huagang Park and Quyuan Garden. It is much quiet and peaceful compared with the east ring.
Route: Yuquan Park—Hangzhou Botanical Garden—Shuguang Road—Ligong Causeway—Air Force Sanatorium—Turtle Pool—Yuqian Ancestral Shrine—Bapanling Road—Yuhu Bay—Jihong Bridge—Yanggong Causeway—Huagang Park—Su Causeway—Yudai Qinghong Bridge—Quyuan Garden—Shuguang Road—Yuquan Park
Total length: 10 kilometers


5. Qiantang River Bank


This is a scenic and easier jogging route for many people.


Route: Qiantang River Bridge—Qianjiang No. 4 Bridge 4—Qiantang River Bridge

Note: You will find people fishing or swimming as you jog along the river bank. Remember it’s not safe to run after 9pm as the river bank is deserted.

Total length: 20 kilometers


6. The Grand Canal


You can enjoy the views of the Grand Canal, which is the oldest and longest canal in the world.

Route: The Grand Canal Cultural Plaza—Fuyicang Park—West Lake Cultural Plaza—Genshan Yunhe Park—Jingjiang Pavilion

Note: The pavement along the Grand Canal is very quiet with few people.

Total length: 11 kilometers

7. Yuhangtang River


Yuhangtang River is an ancient waterway that joins the Grand Canal and was a busy shipping route lined with historical houses.

Route: Xueyuan Road—along Yuhangtang River—Zijingang Campus of Zhejiang University—Xixi Wetland Park

Note: Like other riverside routes, this one is also sparse with people.

Total length: 20 kilometers


8. Fu Causeway in Xixi Wetland


Fu Causeway runs across the entire Xixi Wetland Park. It has six bridges all with names starting with “Fu,” a character meaning “fortune” in Chinese. It’s a quiet place to run and to enjoy the wetland scenery.

Route: Jiangcun Ferry—across the wetland park—end of Fu Causeway

Note: The asphalt road is good for jogging and it is well lit up in the evening.

Total length: 2.3 kilometers


9. Xiasha Higher Education Zone


Xiasha Higher Education Zone is a college town built in 2000. It now has 15 universities and colleges.

Route: Xueyuan Street—Yanjiang Avenue—Sixth Avenue—Wenyuan Road—Xueyuan Street—Communication University of China—China Jiliang University

Note: It is a long route that let you experience the characters of different campuses.

Total length: 30 kilometers