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1 Su Xiaoxiao Tomb

Su Xiaoxiao was a renowned poet and courtesan in the Southern Qi Dynasty (AD 479-502). For more than 1,500 years, her tomb has stood along Xiling Bridge, luring tourists who admire her intellectual ta...

At the intersection of Beishan and Gushan roads

2 Feng Yu Mao Lu

It is a Chinese bungalow located downtown. The house was designed by Yu Dafu (1896-1945), a modern Chinese short story writer who received a traditional Chinese education in Hangzhou. One of Yu’s e...

No. 63, Guanchang Lane

3 Hangzhou Paradise Park

Encompassing an area of 4,000 square meters, this water park inside Hangzhou Paradise Park offers a kaleidoscope of recreational activities. They include a performance stage, wave pool, sandy beach an...

92 Xianghu Rd, Xiaoshan District

4 Shan Gou Gou

The scenic area in Luniao Town, Yuhang District, is not well known to tourists and to locals. Shan Gou Gou means ravine and gully, and it’s filled with lush vegetation, water and hills. Since it’s ...

Luniao Town, Yuhang District | View Map

5 Hupao Garden

Lying southwest of the West Lake, Hupao Garden is famous for a mountain spring, which is the best of all natural springs in Hangzhou. It is a must for tourists in the garden to drink the clear water f...

39 Hupao Road | View Map

6 Hangzhou Grand Canal

The Grand Canal, 1,764 km in length, is the longest man-made waterway in China. Running from Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, in the south to Beijing and connecting different river systems, the Grand Cana...

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7 Taiziwan Park

Taiziwan Park is a popular destination for spring outing as people come to see cherry blossoms and tulip flowers in March and April. The spring blooms have been planted in displays maximizing their im...

5-1 Nanshan Rd | View Map

8 Jiangyangfan Ecological Park

This park used to be the dumping site for silt dredged from the bottom of the West Lake for centuries. Now it has been turned into an ecological park full of flowers and willow trees. Its neighbor is ...

Fenghuangshan Road, Shangcheng District | View Map

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