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1 Noodle House

Hangzhou people’s love for noodle started about 1,000 years ago when it became the country’s capital in the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279) and the court from north China brought wheaten food cultur...

10 Disan Lane, Xingyuanli, Baifu Rd

2 Gu Zao Yong Le Cun

Chinese breakfast youtiao (fried twisted dough) and doujiang (soy milk) is like bread and milk in the West. But nowadays, small booths frying youtiao and boiling doujiang is seen less and less in citi...

26 Dongpo Rd

3 Little South Land

Parallel to Hubin Road, Baifu Road is a small strip featuring a slew of restaurants. Some restaurants here are well-decorated, but win their position by loyal customers. Little South Land, which lo...

10 Baifu Rd

4 Hangzhou Restaurant and 1921 Lakeview Restaurant

At the south corner of the trapezoid lies antique-looking Hangzhou Restaurant, obviously a place of local cuisine and, established in 1921. On Yan’an Road, it is one of the oldest Hangzhou restaura...

205 Yan’an Rd

5 Wujie

Wujie serves vegetarian dishes inspired by traditional Chinese cuisine in an upscale dining environment. It’s more expensive than ordinary vegetarian restaurants in town — a bowl of rice costs 10 y...

2/F, 2nd zone of The Mixc, 701 Fuchun Rd

6 Roots Resort

One of the delights of Hangzhou is that with less than a 20-minute drive from downtown one can escape the crowds and traffic and relax among the forests and water. Roots Resort sits in such a place...

No. 47, Xu Village, Jiuxi

7 Tai Su Vegetarian Restaurant

As well as the standard vegetables, some vegetarian restaurants serve dishes that look like meat. Often made with tofu, such dishes have been created for meat-lovers who need to eat vegetables in c...

4/F, PowerLong Plaza, the crossing of Jiangnan and Huoju avenues

8 Yun Lin Vegetarian

Yun Lin — meaning cloud and forest — is the original name of Hangzhou’s Lingyin Temple, one of the most well-known Buddhist temples in the country. Close to temple, the restaurant is part of the lu...

No. 22, Fayun Lane

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