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1 Stone Age Barbeque

5 Xia’er Lane under Baoshi Hill | View Map

Barbequeing never loses its appeal when night snacks are required. Do-it-yourself barbeques are full of fun but don’t always deliver the desired result. For example, sometimes one side of the meat ...

2 Lao Yang’s Yellow Croaker

73 Yuhuangshan Rd, across the street from China National Silk Museum | View Map

People refer to this place as the “legendary barbecue booth” because it had a history of moving to different locations around the city without warning, making it difficult to track down. Anxious fans ...

3 Chao Zhong Ren Restaurant

368 Gudun Rd | View Map

From a stall to a small restaurant to a brand with five outlets, Chao Zhong Ren’s reputation continues to grow by virtue of its good food. An assortment of fresh fish, crab, shrimp and other critte...

4 Big Dragon Fire

133 Yan’an Rd | View Map

Big Dragon Fire is a hotpot chain restaurant from Chengdu. It’s now in Hangzhou and features two types of broth — spicy and non-spicy. The spicy soup is made with peppers, chili, grains, herbs and...

5 Love in December

3/F, 48 Qingchun Rd | View Map

Hotpot, seafood and buffets are three popular dining options in Hangzhou. The owner of Love in December Buffet Hotpot Restaurant has combined all three to create something close to heaven for loya...

6 Roasted Fish

007 booth, 4/F, Intime City, 380 Fengtan Rd | View Map

Having been in business just over one year, Roasted Fish is currently operating six branches in Shanghai and just opened its first location in Hangzhou last month. The restaurant sells three types ...

7 Elochee

120 Wushan Rd (near the Longxiang Bridge Metro station) | View Map

Within days of opening its doors, Elochee had queues of diners waiting to get inside. According to co-founder Chen Hua, Elochee incorporates online technology into the dining experience by allowing...

8 Chuan Yue 1996

161 Qingchun Rd (crossing of Qingchun Road and Zhongshan Road M.) | View Map

When Zhang Honghong opened Chuanweiguan, a Sichuan restaurant in Hangzhou some 19 years ago, his menu consisted mainly of traditional southwestern dishes adapted for diners used to milder fare. Loc...

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