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1 Shao Kao Hui

391 Wenyi Rd (the crossing of Wenyi and Wantang roads) | View Map

Foreigners love this newly opened restaurant in the west of the city because owner Larry Pan speaks English well and has numerous expatriate friends. The high-quality food is also very fresh. Pan i...

2 Palsaik Korean BBQ

51 Hubin Rd | View Map

It is a Korean restaurant famous for its signature eight-color set. The dish has eight large grilled pieces of pork flavored with different seasonings. The eight seasonings are spicy, soy sauce, curry...

3 Lose My Shoe Northeast Grilled Meat Restaurant

No. 55, Xinyi Commercial Street | View Map

Grilling meat on a charcoal fire is believed to be the original barbecuing method and this is used at Lose My Shoe, a name that refers to getting drunk after drinking strong liquor. The owner and staf...

4 Trojan House

C-1A, West Lake Culture Square | View Map

杭州 西湖文化广场C区杭州木马剧场(新远电影城二楼) Trojan House, C-1A, West Lake Culture Square...

5 Seahood

105, 2F, Xihu Intime Department Store, 98 Yan’an Rd | View Map

Seahood, which claims to be the country’s first no-tableware restaurant, has opened its 52nd store in Hangzhou. It has been a popular spot since people enjoy the novelty of eating with their hands. ...

6 Zhen Huo

5 Baifu Rd | View Map

It smells like the sea when walking into this restaurant and Zhen Huo’s slogan is “seafood tastes best when steamed.” Even the name Zhen Huo is similar to zheng huo, which literally means steamed s...

7 Wu Dao Fusion Restaurant

B/F, Xixi Paradise (Complex), 21 Zijingang Rd | View Map

A restaurant reputed for its design, Wu Dao is run by designer Zhu Xiaoming. His core philosophy of “inner peace” features prominently in the restaurant, which has simple white-and-wooden decor. Zh...

8 Thank U Mum

202, C Zone, Hubin In77 Department Store, 258 Yan’an Rd | View Map

Since the Korean TV series “My Love from the Star” shot to fame among millions of Chinese viewers, fried chicken and beer, beloved by the show’s heroine, has been extremely popular. Dozens of restaura...

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