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1 1013 Book Café

156 Wen’er Rd | View Map

This cafe has warm lighting with jazz music playing in the background. It’s also got more than 1,000 books. The first floor has about 100, but the second floor is where avid readers go to while awa...

2 Feelbest Coffee

3/F, 436 Fengqi Rd | View Map

This is one of the first cafes in the city that encouraged customers to hang out and read for hours. About 1,000 books and magazines cover topics from philosophy and history to fashion and romance....

3 Hangzhou Public Library’s Buddhism Branch

317 Tianzhu Rd (Find the path to Faxi Temple and the library is on the left side, about 100 meters north of the temple) | View Map

Among lofty pine trees is Faxi Temple. Nearby is a small building that is somewhat obscured by trees. It looks like a house, but it’s actually a library featuring Chinese books about Buddhism. Hang...

4 Jiang Tongshun pastry shop

139-141 Hefang Street | View Map

Many Hangzhou natives love traditional pastries and consider Jiang Tongshun pastries made in Liuxia Town in Xihu District to be the best. Some Jiang Tongshun fans are even prepared to travel hours by ...

5 Bian Fu Mao shoe shop

338 Zhongshan Rd M. | View Map

Cloth shoes have a history dating back more than 3,000 years in China, dominating the footwear industry before the arrival of leather shoes and sneakers. Though fewer and fewer people wear cloth shoes...

6 Kui Yuan Guan noodle restaurant

154 Jiefang Rd | View Map

It’s not easy for a small noodle restaurant to survive the ups and downs of history, but Kui Yuan Guan has. Today, it embodies Hangzhou noodle culture and has been dubbed the “noodle king of southern ...

7 Hangzhou Theater

29 Wulin Square | View Map

The Hangzhou Theater, renovated in 2002, is located at No. 360 Palaestra Road of Hangzhou city. With a construction area of 15,000 square meters, the theater has accommodation for 1,603 audiences. It...

8 Country Stroll Inn

No. 289, Baile Bridge | View Map

As one of the oldest guest houses around Baile Bridge, Country Stroll Inn is so popular now that reservations are necessary during the peak April to July season. The inn features numerous plants, s...

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