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1 Hangzhou Paradise Park

92 Xianghu Rd, Xiaoshan District | View Map

Encompassing an area of 4,000 square meters, this water park inside Hangzhou Paradise Park offers a kaleidoscope of recreational activities. They include a performance stage, wave pool, sandy beach an...

2 Shan Gou Gou

Luniao Town, Yuhang District | View Map

The scenic area in Luniao Town, Yuhang District, is not well known to tourists and to locals. Shan Gou Gou means ravine and gully, and it’s filled with lush vegetation, water and hills. Since it’s ...

3 Ferry Inn

No. 45, Baileqiao | View Map

For Buddhists, the word ferry evokes people embarking on boats to leave the world of suffering through attaining enlightenment. Lingyin Ferry Inn is shaded by vegetation on a narrow footpath alongs...

4 Meander Tree Theme Resort

No. 58, Siyanjing | View Map

Shanghainese designer Fang Xiaowei rejuvenated a couple of big old villas in Siyanjing into a guesthouse with 58 rooms of different styles in 2008. It has become a popular hangout for backpackers. Eve...

5 Lan Villa

No. 11, Yangjia Hill, Manjuelong Village | View Map

The owner of Lan Villa once worked at Shangri-La Hotel. She quit her job and picked a secluded location in Manjuelong to build a guesthouse. It’s a little hard to find because of lush vegetation. B...

6 Beta Friend

41 Tongpu Rd | View Map

Beta is a term used in software engineering for websites and programs still in a trial mode. So it comes as no surprise that the owners of this cafe work in Hangzhou’s IT field. Beta’s low-profile ...

7 35mm Cafe 35mm

21 Tongpu Rd | View Map

Based on a photography theme, 35mm features simple and cozy decor. The milky walls and wooden furniture resemble Japanese minimalism. Shelves display rolls of film, photographic books, photo frames...

8 Story Cafe

39 Tongpu Rd | View Map

Story Cafe is about people. Three young woman opened the cafe with the aim of making more friends and hearing their stories. To foster a sense of togetherness and community they placed tables an...

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