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1 Zhou’s Shaomai

347 Shangtang Rd | View Map

This restaurant is the story of Zhou Xianhu, who used to work in a leather factory and quit around the turn of the century because the salary was too low. The 60-year-old opened a dim sum booth opposi...

2 Three Sisters

29 Hengchangshou Rd | View Map

Few people realize there is a restaurant on the small lane crisscrossing Wulin Road. But the restaurant’s bosses — three sisters and their husbands — don’t really care because they are already busy se...

3 Great Sichuan

Shenglihe Food Street, north side, in the middle | View Map

This place serves authentic Sichuan cuisine. Its chefs don’t hold back on the chili peppers, garlic or Sichuan peppers. Classic dishes like thinly sliced beef and beef offal; twice cooked pork and ...

4 Zhejiang Museum

25 Gushan Road, 29 Culture Plaza, West Lake | View Map

Zhejiang Museum, built in 1929, is the largest museum in Zhejiang Province with a vast collection of more than 100,000 antiques, ranging from paintings to calligraphies, ceramics, lacquer ware and jad...

5 Zola Restaurant

88 Jingzhou Rd | View Map

It is interesting to see Southeast Asian cuisines on a pizza restaurant’s menu, and it is impressive to know that Zola’s loyal customers recommend Hainan chicken rice, large meatball, and Singapore cr...

6 Yakitori Senkushiya

No. 32, Lower Manjielong on Manjuelong Road | View Map

The restaurant recently opened a large branch near West Lake, and the boss, Xu Hui, has added chirashi-zushi, his favorite private home cuisine, to the menu. Translated as “scattered,” chirashi inv...

7 Longtangli Restaurant

237 Hedong Rd | View Map

One of the most popular local cuisine chains in Hangzhou, Longtangli, provides a private home cuisine named “Fate.” Two sea fish (pomfret and hairtail), with some mushrooms, preserved pork and pres...

8 Big Head Carp Hotpot Restaurant

3999 Nanhuan Rd, alongside Laji Street | View Map

This restaurant has become increasingly popular since it opened last year. The restaurant’s manager minces few words when getting to why the eatery is so popular. “We specialize in cooking big h...

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