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1 Come Home

Another restaurant that specializes in crayfish noodles is Come Home, a sub-brand of local franchise Lao Tou’er. Crayfish are also used in the sauce, cooking oil and toppings. The crayfish oil is a...

1/F, Well City, crossing of Wenyi and Wantang roads

2 You Yi Jia

While a college student in southern China, Wang Yigang from Yanji, capital of the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture in Jilin Province, started selling his hometown’s specialty Yanji rice at a food ...

165 Zhongshan Rd N.

3 Ping Le Noodles

One of the most well-known noodle restaurants in Hangzhou, Ping Le, never fails its loyal customers — either with cold noodles in summer, or soup noodles in winter. Its noodles are made with local ...

118 Wangjiang Rd

4 Wang Yi Tang

Twenty-something Wang Chenghao inherited this noodle restaurant from his parents a year ago, and was determined to give it a creative make-over. First, he started offering crayfish during the summe...

63 Jinjiangxi Rd

5 You don’t go

As the weather is getting warmer, “crayfish” (in Chinese xiaolongxia) are back on the table. Small restaurants, eateries, and food stalls are preparing the fiery-red little crustaceans. This mon...

1/F, Dragon Hotel, 120 Shuguang Rd

6 Hawker 18

Hawker 18 specializes in Southeast Asian cuisine and has now brought south China’s coconut chicken soup to Hangzhou. This dish is widely popular in Guangdong and Hainan provinces as it’s simple and...

4/F, Chengxi Intime City, 380 Fengtan Rd

7 Tai Chi Teahouse

With a long-spouted teapot around their body, waiters pour tea from a distance into cups while they assume tai chi style poses, circling the vessel around their head and balancing the long spout on th...

184 Hefang Street

8 He Cha Guan

He Cha Guan is situated in the picturesque Fayun Village near Lingyin Temple and the prestigious five-star resort Aman Fayun. Owner Pang Yin, an antiques collector, originally opened the teahouse t...

No. 15, Fayun Lane, 42 Qiushi Rd

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