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1 Beta Friend

41 Tongpu Rd | View Map

Beta is a term used in software engineering for websites and programs still in a trial mode. So it comes as no surprise that the owners of this cafe work in Hangzhou’s IT field. Beta’s low-profile ...

2 35mm Cafe 35mm

21 Tongpu Rd | View Map

Based on a photography theme, 35mm features simple and cozy decor. The milky walls and wooden furniture resemble Japanese minimalism. Shelves display rolls of film, photographic books, photo frames...

3 Story Cafe

39 Tongpu Rd | View Map

Story Cafe is about people. Three young woman opened the cafe with the aim of making more friends and hearing their stories. To foster a sense of togetherness and community they placed tables an...

4 Chun Yun Coffee House

41-2 Gaoji Rd | View Map

Owned by two sisters, Chun Yun already has five branches around the city. Each cafe boasts garish, old-fashioned and exotic decor. The gate is very distinctive with plants clustered on wooden chair...

5 Chengliang Noodle Restaurant

209-1 Jianguo Road S. | View Map

The Chengliang Noodle Restaurant next to Jackson has been getting a lot of attention lately, and not just for its tasty noodles. Owned by a Hangzhou native, the noodle shop has a large sign saying,...

6 A to Z Cafe

66 Huancheng Rd W. | View Map

The cafe is hidden in a residential building and has a low-profile fa?ade, but the mellow chocolate cakes served here have made it very popular. All the cakes sold at the cafe are transported from Sha...

7 L'amour Café

28 Huancheng Road W. | View Map

This cafe's name promises customers a French romantic style, and it doesn't disappoint. Owner Xia Zhiqing is a Francophile who has not only established a Gallic-themed cafe but also owns a French lang...

8 Former residence of Sha Menghai

15 Longyou Road (at the intersection of Longyou Road and Huancheng Road W. | View Map

The former residence of calligraphy master Sha Menghai (1900-1992) near the West Lake features elements of British architecture. Sha is widely regarded as a major figure in modern Chinese calligra...

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