Daqing Valley


Address: Long Wu, (500 meters ahead of Future World)龙坞大清谷(未来世界向前500米)

Phone: 0571 8709 2568,0571 8709 2808 | Website:

Daqing Valley is a quiet place to go for a walk. Green, and at the moment hot, it's a blissfully quiet valley surrounding the Daqing Village, well over to the west of the lake. Easily accessible by bicycle through the hand dug tunnel in the north, it's a great place to stop for lunch and have a cup of tea. Most of the homes there will cook a delicious local lunch for you; our lunch at No. 4 Daqing, well known in the area for its Hong Shao Rou, was superb. There are a couple of activities going on wall climbing and bungee jumping, though there was almost nobody there when we went. Going out through the main gate takes you on to Future World and the Expo site. Take Y5 bus, the station is in Da Qing Gu大清谷. 28RMB at the door.

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