Three Pools Mirroring The Moon


Address: Fairy Islet, West Lake北山路岳庙对面


It was in 1607 that the island just next to Three Pools Mirroring the Moon was made from dredgings from the lake. The embankment was constructed in 1611 and our editor made it there for the first time in 1994. As he recollects somewhat clearly, it was a ferociously hot day. Back then the little wooden boats didn't have the standard price of 80RMB that they do today. You had to bargain for them, and our smart editor got the boat man down to 120RMB. He thought he had bargained well. After a bit of rowing and a few beers, they made it to the island. Pavilion after pavilion after pavilion with strange names: Open the Net, Ting Ting, Greeting Green and Heart Linking to Heart. Then there were the old trees and the scattered birds. After a little rest and a few beers, he finally made it to the three towers and learned that the reflections can only be properly seen on Mid-Autumn night with candles in the towers and the moon full. He was impressed all the same. Not a wasted day.

Take bus Y4, Y3, 27, K850, Y9, Y2, K81 and K7 (5:30am-10pm) getting on at the Yue Miao Station (Yue Fei's Temple) 岳庙.

Big Boat Price for adult:
Boat: 25RMB
Island: 20RMB
For Children (1-1.3 meters):
Boat: 12.5RMB
Island: 10RMB
Small Boat (4 people max.):
80RMB/hour, usually takes 2 hours to go there, visit the island and come back.

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