Baoshi Hill


Address: Entrances on Shuguang next to 7 Club; through Yellow Dragon Cave Park; at 31 Beishan Rd.; and next to Yue Fei’s Temple.西湖北面


When you need to get out of the city but can't get out, a walk on these trails might do the trick. The trail that begins just to the right of Good Luck Garden (at Yellow Dragon Park) spits you out to the right of Yue Fei's Temple, takes a mere 25 minutes and won't leave you huffing and puffing. If you're heading up to the pagoda though, you are definitely going to get a workout. There are lots of things to see up in them thar hills: Yellow Dragon Cave, Qi Xia Cave, Huang Binhong's Residence, Baopu Daoist Temple, Sunrise Terrace and, of course, Baochu Pagoda.

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