Nine Streams and Eighteen Gullies


Address: Xihu District, Hangzhou杭州市西湖区


Nine Streams and Eighteen Gullies originate from Yangjiawu of Yangmeiling (Waxberry Ridge) and empties into the Qiantang River by way of Xu Village. The gullies, which are located in Longjing Village southwest of Yanxia Cave, curve around the woods and the foot of a mountain. The Nine Streams have a total length of 6 kilometers.

It is one of the best places in Hangzhou for people to get close to nature in spring. It has deep mountains and dense forests with winding paths along mountain ridges. There are now buildings such as Xizhongxi (Stream inside Stream) Pavilion, Linhai (Forest Sea) Pavilion and Jiuhong (Nine Pool) Pavilion. Walking on the winding paths, you are surrounded by tea trees with new leaves. These are famous Longjing green tea. When the weather turns warm in spring, the water of the gullies still feels cool. It is a great fun to take off shoes and stockings to step into the water.

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