Hupao Garden


Address: 39 Hupao Road虎跑路39号

Phone: 0571-87981900

Lying southwest of the West Lake, Hupao Garden is famous for a mountain spring, which is the best of all natural springs in Hangzhou. It is a must for tourists in the garden to drink the clear water from the Hupao Spring. A legend says a Tang Dynasty monk named Xing Kong wanted to build a temple in the mountain but he could not find water in the vicinity. One night he dreamed of a god who told him that two tigers would create a spring here. When he woke up the next day, he saw two tigers digging the ground and water gushed from underground. The monk then built a temple there and the place came to be known as Hupao, meaning “tiger digging” in Chinese. There is also a stone sculpture of two tigers in the garden, where the temple used to house two famous monks, Dao Ji of the Song Dynasty and Hong Yi of the Qing Dynasty.

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