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Around Hangzhou (Video)

As the only bilingual TV program in Zhejiang Province, Around Hangzhou brings you live stories and fresh information about culture, life and travel in Hangzhou every week.

HTV CH1, 10:30 PM, Sunday; Mobile TV 10:00 PM Monday.

Latest update: 2010-10-17


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English Express (audio)

The English Express produced by the news channel of Hangzhou Radio Broadcast Group, including English news, Cultural impact, talk show and interview, focusing on information of society, economy, culture, tourism of Hangzhou city and Zhejiang province.

AM954, 10 to 10:20 PM, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Latest update: 2010-5-31


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You and Me (audio)

Hi, I'm Jackie Nanfang. Listening to my show makes your life in Hangzhou more beautiful. All audience, local or foreign, may have better knowledge about each other. We need more friends and let’s hear your voice. I hope you enjoy.

FM 105.4, 9PM, Saturday and Sunday.

Latest update: 2010-5-29


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