Int'l Silk Art Exhibition held in Hangzhou

A visitor looks at traditional Korean costumes during the "A World of Silks: International Silk Art Exhibition" held at China National Silk Museum in Hangzhou. About 200 pieces of silk works from China, South Korea, Japan, Russia and other countries are presented on the exhibition, which will end on December 5.

Sep 27, 2016 | Source: Xinhua News Agency/Edited by Shanghai Daily

City determined to transform urban villages to modern communities

Hangzhou plans to complete the renovation of 246 villages in urban area by 2020, in a bid to improve living standard in urban areras. On the site, new urban communities will be built with complete living facilities,...

Sep 27, 2016 | Source: Others/Edited by Shanghai Daily

Alert issued as typhoon Megi moves closer to mainland

Typhoon Megi is due to make landfall in Taiwan's east coast this afternoon, packing winds between 148 and 184 kilometers per hour as it comes ashore. The State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters activated...

Sep 27, 2016 | Source: Others/Edited by Shanghai Daily

Main venue of G20 Summit opens to public

Visitors take pictures at Hangzhou International Expo Center, the main venue of G20 Summit, yesterday. Chinese President Xi Jinping and leaders from G20 member states took group photos, had their round-table convention and discussed the solutions to the challenges of world economy there. The center charges individuals 150 yuan (US$23), 100 yuan for group visitors and 120 yuan for online payment.

Sep 26, 2016 | Source: by Shanghai Daily

Thousands swim across the Qiantang River

More than 1,900 swimmers swam across the Qiantang River successfully on Saturday, with a 14-year-old boy winning the first place. The swimmers jumped into the river at 8:40am from the southern bank, and the first...

Sep 26, 2016 | Source: Others/Edited by Shanghai Daily

Bring umbrella with you from tomorrow

Wet and cloudy days will hit Hangzhou this week due to a cold front and Typhoon Megi that will land in southeast China around Wednesday, forecasters said yesterday. It will be cloudy today with the top temperature...

Sep 26, 2016 | Source: Others/Edited by Shanghai Daily

2016 Hangzhou Marathon to kick off on November 6

The 2016 Hangzhou Marathon will be held on November 6, in Hangzhou, East China's Zhejiang province. The Hangzhou Marathon is one of the oldest annual marathons in China and dates back to 1987. It is considered as...

Sep 25, 2016 | Source: Xinhua News Agency/Edited by Shanghai Daily

Koubei offers rewarding to fend off competition

Alibaba's local lifestyle services Koubei said it would unveil a commission rewarding plan to allow more individual and institutional users to help promote its online-to-offline services and to encourage brick-and-mortar...

Sep 24, 2016

Sweet in air once more

Sweet osmanthus enters first round of blossoming in Hangzhou. Sweet osmanthus from late summer to late autumn attracts throng of people to Hangzhou's Manjuelong Park, which has been a traditional and popular place for visitors to sip tea and enjoy their leisure time.

Sep 23, 2016 | Source: by Shanghai Daily

Hangzhou attracts leading innovative teams with financial subsidies

Hangzhou plans to provide financial support of up to 5 million yuan (US$769,000) to 30 leading innovative teams in business startups in the next five years. The teams should be set up within three years with one leader...

Sep 23, 2016 | Source: Others/Edited by Shanghai Daily

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