Big chill expected after three days of cold rain

It will get colder this coming weekend after some rain from tomorrow to Thursday, local forecasters said. Hangzhou is cloudy today with a low of 1 degree and a high of 9 degrees Celsius. It will turn to drizzle tomorrow...

Jan 16, 2017 | Source: by Shanghai Daily

Road accidents surge as New Year travel rush starts

More than 170 road accidents were reported around Hangzhou this past weekend as the annual migration for Chinese New Year has started, police said yesterday. Most of the accidents were rear-end crashes as drivers...

Jan 16, 2017 | Source: by Shanghai Daily

Alibaba to set up Europe logistics center in Bulgaria

Chinese e-commerce group Alibaba is planning to set up a European logistics center in Bulgaria, Xinhua reported on Wednesday. Representatives of Alibaba Group, GS-Solar Company and GoldPoly Group met Bulgarian Prime...

Jan 14, 2017 | Source: Others/Edited by Shanghai Daily

Early glimpse of plum blossoms

A man gets a close-up shot of plum blossoms in Gushan Hill near West Lake on Tuesday. Plum trees have come into bloom in the hill but not yet at Hangzhou Botanic Garden where only flower buds are seen on twigs. Experts said the best time to view plum blossoms is around the Chinese New Year which falls on January 28 this year. In Chinese culture, plum blossoms symbolize bravery and hardiness as they sprout in cold winter.

Jan 13, 2017 | Source: by Shanghai Daily

Longer bus hours during Spring Festival

Hangzhou bus operator will adjust some routes and services for the convenience of people during the Spring Festival travel season from today to February 21. Ten bus routes connecting railway stations and intercity...

Jan 13, 2017 | Source: by Shanghai Daily

Xiaoshan airport mulls 4th runway as passengers top 70m in 2030

Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport plans to build the fourth runway although the third one has not yet been constructed. The fourth runway is expected to boast the airport traffic capacity to 70 million passengers...

Jan 13, 2017 | Source: by Shanghai Daily

Mayor invites public vote on 10 municipal projects

Mayor Zhang Hongming expressed his gratitude in a letter yesterday to people of Hangzhou for their suggestions and participation to select 10 municipal projects for 2017. He asked them to pick from 15 candidates in...

Jan 12, 2017 | Source: by Shanghai Daily

Rental bikes with tough tires

Hangzhou Public Bicycle Company recently introduced 1,000 orange-red bikes for rent. These bikes feature puncture-proof airless tires that need no pumping and less maintenance. Many of these bikes are available outside Jiangning Road Station of Metro Line 1.

Jan 12, 2017 | Source: by Shanghai Daily

Hangzhou ranks 8th on China congestion chart

Hangzhou ranks eighth among China's most congested cities, according to a report by AutoNavi, the NASDAQ-traded navigation service provider. Jinan, Harbin and Beijing topped the list of 60 cities surveyed in 2016. Beijing...

Jan 12, 2017 | Source: Others/Edited by Shanghai Daily

Zhejiang population will peak around 2023 to 58 million

Zhejiang Province had a population of 55.39 million at the end of 2015. The figure is expected to peak around 2023 to 57.83 million or 58.22 million, according to a blue paper released by the Zhejiang Academy of Social...

Jan 11, 2017 | Source: by Shanghai Daily