Car smashes into elderly woman on sidewalk

Apr 20 | Source: Qianjiang Evening News/Translated by Shanghai Daily

A car hit a woman in her 70s while she was walking on the sidewalk of Xiaonu Road in downtown Hangzhou yesterday.

The car was headed east along Qingchun Road when the elderly woman was about to walk across the zebra crossing. She was on her way to a nearby hospital to see her sick husband.

All of a sudden the car veered onto the sidewalk and hit the woman.

"The woman was knocked out by the car," said a parking attendant.

The driver surnamed Qian is about 27 years old. He got his driver's license 9 months ago.

The woman sustained a broken leg and is now at Second Hospital of Zhejiang University Medical School. Her blood pressure is also unstable.

"Now both of my in-laws are in hospital, I don't know how to tell my father-in-law," said the old woman's son-in-law, surnamed Zhang.

Police are investigating the accident.

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