Private downtown garden welcomes visitors

Apr 22 | Source: City Express/Translated by Shanghai Daily

The small garden in No.122 on Mashi Street

The owner of a private garden in downtown is inviting visitors to come and see his very own mini flower festival, free of charge.
"Hangzhou has its Flower Festival in Xixi Wetland Park, and here I have a smaller one. People can come and enjoy my flower festival," said Mr Zeng, owner of the small garden.
Zeng lives on the second floor in No 122 on Mashi Street, which has a 50-square-meter courtyard outside. He has transformed half into a garden, where he not only grows many kinds of flowers, but also keeps fish and birds.
There are hundreds of species of flower set around the pond and lotus growing in the pond itself. Two budgies sing nearby and, adding to the tranquil scene, butterflies often flutter among the blooms.
"I got the fish pond and flower holders from a place where houses were being pulled down. Then I bought a cutting machine and made this garden," said the 65-year-old.
Zeng began work on the garden after retiring and says he worked seven hours a day for six months to complete it.
Now is a good time to see the Chinese rose and orchids in full bloom, but too early for the caval vine, wisteria and rosemary, advised Zeng.
"I've also got some fruit trees, such as pear, apple and pomegranate. So anybody who want to eat, just come round here," Zeng said with a proud smile.

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