Woman charged in death of newborn daughter

May 4 | Source: Zhejiang Online/Translated by Shanghai Daily

The Xihu District Prosecutor's Office charged a woman with manslaughter yesterday in the death of her newborn daughter.

The woman, 21, gave birth in a toilet, wrapped the baby in a plastic bag and threw the bag from the fourth floor of her rental unit in the west of Hangzhou on January 9, police said.

A cleaner found the bag between two buildings the next morning. Police caught the mother after a thorough search of the area.

The woman, an intern at a Hangzhou hotel, said she became pregnant after a one-night stand with a classmate. She told the boy she was pregnant but was met only with derision. She didn't seek an abortion out of shame that her situation would be revealed.
The woman could face a sentence of three to 10 years if convicted.

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