Arrival by train from Shanghai

Apr 6

Arrival by train from Shanghai

As Shanghai is the closest city to Hangzhou, at about 174 kilometers away, most people travel between the two cities by train.

Hongqiao Railway Station, Shanghai

Shanghai's Hongqiao Railway Station is in a transport hub in the city's west part together with the airport, long-distance bus station and subways. The transport hub is about 15 kilometers from the People's Square at the city's center place and about 57 kilometers from Pudong International Airport.

The station is city's key terminal for high-speed railway lines, including an inter-city railway between Shanghai and Jiangsu Province's Nanjing City and a line between Shanghai and Zhejiang Province's Hangzhou City. The transport hub has the largest underground project in the city, connecting West Bus Station, High-speed Railway Station, East Bus Station and the Terminal 2 of Hongqiao Airport from west to east.

There is a 1-kilometer-long underground transit level linking the five parts in the hub. It takes about 15 minutes to walk from the Hongqiao International Airport Terminal 2 to the Long-Distance Bus Station in the West Station through the transit level.

About 200 of the new "G" trains ("G" stands for "Gaotie", which means top-level high-speed train in Chinese) will arrive at and depart from the Hongqiao hub from 6:10am to 11:03pm every day. The station, with 30 tracks and 30 platforms, is designed to handle 80 million passengers annually by 2030.

Passengers may find restaurants and stores on the third floor after security checks on the second level. Passengers can also find more restaurants, convenient stores, banks, automatic teller machines, book stores and retail stores between Hongqiao Railway Station and East Station on B1, the arrival level.

B1: arrival level / 1F: platform / 2F: departure level / B1&3F: restaurants and stores

Going to the train station

About 100 trains from 6am to 9pm depart from Shanghai to Hangzhou every day. Most trains depart from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, all of which are "G" and "D" trains ("D" trains stands for second-level high speed trains).

Meanwhile, there are still several trains departing from Shanghai South Railway Station or Shanghai Railway Station.

Shanghai's Metro Lines 2 and 10 both stop at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. The city's other two major railway stations, Shanghai South Railway Station and Shanghai Railway Station are connected by Metro Lines 1 and 3. You can navigate easily between these stations via the Metro system.

Passenger can interchange between Metro Lines 2 and 10 within Hongqiao Railway Station. However, you should note that you may transfer between Metro Lines 2 and 10 in Hongqiao Terminal Two Station, a station east away from Hongqiao Railway Station. You can transfer between these two lines for free within 30 minutes.

Not all Metro Line 10 trains stop at Hongqiao Railway Station. Alternate train will take you to the destination. Listen carefully to the metro broadcasting before boarding the right train.


Metro Line 2 To Guanglan Road To Xujing East
The first train 5:33am 6:07am
The last train 10:48pm 11:40pm

Metro Line 10 To New Jiangwan City To Hongqiao Railway Station
The first train 5:55am 6:16am
The last train 10pm 10:41pm

Buses from the city's downtown mostly stop at the East Station while those from the city's suburbs have stops at the West Station. The interval time of night buses has been cut to 30 minutes at Hongqiao Transport Hub. It may take you about five minutes to walk to the railway station from either bus station.

Passengers can take long-distance buses heading to the provinces of Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong or Henan at the West Station. The public transportation cards are allowed to pay for the long-distance bus tickets. Passengers can easily find card charging station right beside the ticket office.

Alternatively, you can take a cab there. Taxis stop at north or south exits of the railway station's B1 level, two exits on either side.
Parking lots are located aside the main building of both West Bus Station and East Bus Station. The parking lots' levels are differed by signs of animals or fruits.

Departure and arrival stations

The Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed rail is 158 kilometers long, running from Shanghai Hongqiao Transit Hub to Hangzhou East Railway Station. Before the newly-renovated Hangzhou East Railway Station open to the public in 2012, the high-speed trains stop at Hangzhou Railway Station.

The Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed railway cuts the journey to 38 minutes from the previous more than an hour. The train's highest speed will be 350 kilometers per hour with departure time intervals only three minutes. Regular "G" trains may take less than one hour to Hangzhou.

Hangzhou East Railway Station

Hangzhou East Railway Station began operation on July 1, 2013. It is the terminal station of four high-speed railways linking Hangzhou with Shanghai, Nanjing, Changsha and Huangshan (still in construction).

The 1.13 million-square-meter station is one of the largest transport hubs in China with easy transfer to Metro and bus systems, ferries and taxis. Construction cost 9.8 billion yuan and took 54 months to finish after work started in December 2008.

The city government invested additional 21 billion yuan to build commercial and residential buildings and tourism facilities around the station.

Ticket information

You can buy tickets up to six days in advance at ticket office in Hongqiao Railway Station. If you would like to change or refund your ticket, you may go downstairs to the third ticket office on B1 level. A total of 80 ticket vendors may be of help when there is a long line at ticket offices. The machines are widely seen on B1 level when you exit from the metro station and on second level as well, the departure hall. You can also buy your tickets on the day itself because there are daily trains running between Hangzhou and Shanghai every 20 minutes or an hour. However, you will have to buy standing tickets if you get tickets on the day of your departure (from either Hangzhou or Shanghai) because there might not be seats available. You will have to stand throughout the journey.

"G" trains
Economy class / Standing tickets: 73 yuan
First class: 117 yuan
Sightseeing seat / First-class block seat: 219.5 yuan
"D" trains:
Economy class: 49 yuan
First class: 59 yuan

Ticket Office in Shanghai and Hangzhou

If you cannot speak Chinese, write down the train number and date, get into a queue and present it to the ticket sales officer to ease communications. Always ensure that you buy tickets from the ticket office and not from street sellers. If you want to buy tickets on the day itself and have a schedule to follow, arrive early to queue. Give yourself time to find your way to the waiting room as train stations in Shanghai and Hangzhou are big and always crowded.

Standing tickets

You can buy standing tickets when all train seats are occupied. The prices for standing tickets are the same as economy classes and you can only stand in the economy class. There are no standing tickets for first class nor are you allowed to stand in the first class section.

From Hangzhou Railway Station to downtown Hangzhou

By Metro:

Get out of the railway station from underground passage and you will find Metro Line 1 station right there. With only two stations ride, you can arrive at West Lake by taking off at Longxiangqiao Station, and get out of exit B and C of the station, West Lake is only 300 meters away.

By cab:

The cab stand is located just in front of the arrival gate. Go straight to the right of the arrival hall to the cab stand. You might be stopped by people offering rides but do not accept as this is illegal and you might end up paying more than usual.

By bus:

Take the escalators on the right or left of the arrival hall, to the square where the public bus station is located. Bus services to downtown Hangzhou: K7 (which goes to the main district and most tourist attractions), K290、K11、K188、K900、K151、K95、K207、K156、K3.

** For arrival at Hangzhou South Railway Station, take bus K537. For arrival at Hangzhou East Railway Station, take buses K214、K2、K106、K220、K219、K72、K205、K355、K28、K228.

By Metro:

After leaving the train platform of Hangzhou East Railway Station through an underground passage, you will find the Metro station at the end of the passage. Take Metro Line 1 to Longxiangqiao Station, the sixth stop, emerge from Exit B or C, and West Lake is only 300 meters away.

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