Hangzhou to make full preparation for 2022 Asian Games

Sep 21 | Source: by Shanghai Daily

Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang Province, will be the host city of 2022 Asian Games. It was announced by the Olympic Council of Asia on September 16. Thus, Hangzhou will be the third Chinese city to host the games, after Beijing in 1990 and Guangzhou in 2010. To play a good host, Hangzhou will work hard to improve public infrastructure and urban management.

Easy transport
The city will speed up road construction to reduce traffic congestions. Expressways and a number of roads will be built to connect downtown with sports venues for Asian Games and for the convenience of local residents.

The Metro system will be expanded. Besides Line 1 (48km) and Line 2 (19km), Line 4 (9.6km) was put to trial operation this year and the 5.4km Xiasha extension of Line 1 will start trial service by the end of this year. Plans for six more subways have been approved by the State Council, enlarging the Metro network by 106.6km. The phase II of Line 4 will go into trial operation in 2017 and the phase II of Line 2 will be put to trial in 2018. Line 5 and Line 6 are expected to be operational in 2019. Hangzhou will have five subways totaling 190km in length before 2022.

Meanwhile, Hangzhou is building inter-city highways to connect with Lin'an, Fuyang, Shaoxing and Haining. Hangzhou-Lin'an and Hangzhou-Fuyang highways will be completed in 2019.

Beautiful city, friendly people
In the next seven years, Hangzhou will devote more effort to improving the environment and its water and air quality. The Asian Games will cost a lot of money for the host city but also give a boost to local economy and create more jobs. It is good for tourism, exhibition and convention, culture, transportation, commerce and real estate sectors.

The Hangzhou Olympic and International Expo Center will be the main venue of the games. It consists of a 80,000-seat stadium, a tennis center, a natatorium and a comprehensive training facility. It will allow Hangzhou residents to watch world-class matches and competitions close to home. Its facilities will also be opened to the public for exercise and entertainment.

Hangzhou is a long history and rich cultural heritages. Hosting the Asian Games will put the city be in the spotlight and attract more visitors to experience the charms of this amazing city.

A splendid Hangzhou is waiting to see you in 2022!

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