Government thanks residents for supporting city projects

Apr 5 | Source: Others/Edited by Shanghai Daily

The Hangzhou municipal government published a letter on March 31 to thank for the support and participation of local residents in the city's preparation for the G20 summit.

The letter said that a total of 605 construction projects will be finished in the next three months. The city government makes three promises to the people:

First, its various departments will listen to opinions and suggestions of local residents and guarantee their rights to know, to supervise and to participate in urban projects;

Second, it will try every means to speed up urban projects while ensuring their high quality and safety;

Third, it will try to solve problems people complain most about so that they can benefit from urban redevelopment and renovation.

The city government said it will work hard to turn Hangzhou into a world-class city with beautiful scenery, rich culture, vibrant economy, and high quality of living.

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