Zhejiang University scientists win 9 state awards

Jan 10 | Source: by Shanghai Daily

Zhejiang University outranked other mainland universities yesterday by winning nine of China's top science and technology awards for its contribution to science and innovation.

A research team led by Ni Mingjiang won the State Innovation Award for making continuous improvement of clean energy in the past 30 years. The team now has 45 researchers, including Yan Jianhua and Luo Zhongyang.

A technology project developed by Alipay and Tongji University received the State Innovation Award for improving security of online payment. The technology has saved billions of yuan from theft in the last three years.

Chinese physicist Zhao Zhongxian and pharmacologist Tu Youyou received China's top science and technology awards from President Xi Jinping in a ceremony in Beijing's Great Hall of the People. They were each awarded 5 million yuan in cash.

Zhao is a leading scientist in research of superconductors and Tu is the co-winner of the 2015 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine for her discovery of artemisinin to treat malaria.

Premier Li Keqiang also attended the award ceremony and pledged the government will provide better services for scientists and innovators and give more funds to projects involving cutting-edge technologies.

Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli urged people in the science and technology sector to learn from award winners and help China become a major power in science and technology.

About 3,300 people from various research institutions and government organizations participated in the award ceremony. International cooperation awards were presented to five scientists from the United States, Germany and France and the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center in Mexico.

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