Cartoon and animation museum emerges on Baima Lake

Aug 10 | Source: Hangzhou Daily/Edited by Shanghai Daily

A national cartoon and animation museum in shape of clouds will open next year at Baima Lake Square in Hangzhou.

Work on the main structure of the museum has finished and interior decoration is now underway. The museum is about the size of four football fields and will house the biggest collection of cartoons and animation works in China.

The museum has six floors and a total floor area of 30,000 square meters, including an underground parking lot, numerous show rooms, an auditorium and two cinemas.

The museum has collected the drawings of Wan Brothers who created the award-winning animation film "Uproar in Heaven" in the 1960s, drawings of Angry Birds donated by Rovio, and rare celluloid films of Walt Disney's "Mickey Mouse" created in the 1920s.


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