Security guard offers free haircut by West Lake

Aug 11 | Source: Hangzhou Daily/Edited by Shanghai Daily

We all have heard stories about people living a double life. Hou Qingrong is one of them, a good Samaritan by day and a security guard by night.

"I was off work at 2am yesterday, and I went to the West Lake around 6am because someone was there waiting for me to give him a haircut. I didn't feel tired at all as long as I can give some help to elderly people," said Hou.

Hou is a security guard at a hotel near the lake. It's hard to imagine that he has offered free haircut to thousands of seniors for three years. Each haircut takes at least 20 minutes.

"This is my sixth haircut from him," said an old man surnamed Guo. "He is very nice and very skilled in hair-cutting."

Hou said he provides free haircut service in return for the kindness and help of local people when he came to the city four years ago to look for a job.

He said it was not easy to find a job in Hangzhou. One day, he was walking by the West Lake when he met Zhang Binggen, a local man, who helped him get a job and even introduced girlfriends to him.

"I'm so grateful to Hangzhou and Hangzhou people that I learned hair-cutting skills in order to offer free services to local people," he said.

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