Hangzhou promotes real-name credit rating system

Sep 13 | Source: by Shanghai Daily

By the end of 2020, Hangzhou plans to set up a real-name credit rating system covering all permanent residents, according to a personal credit system construction draft plan compiled by the Hangzhou municipal government recently.

The draft is published on the official website of the municipal government and is seeking public opinions till September 18.

Related government departments are required to submit credit information of individuals to the Hangzhou public credit information platform together with ID numbers and fingerprints.

Those who work in fields of medical care, firefighting, finance, Internet, logistics and telecom will be the first group of people included in the system.

Hangzhou has publicized the first list of individuals and enterprises with good credit record of the year, also known as "red list," covering individuals for the first time.

Among the nearly 2,000 individuals in the red list, most are engaged in education, legal service and assisting the disabled, including prominent teachers and outstanding students with city-level awards.

Enterprises in the red list all have a credit rating of A for tax payment.

Apart from the red list, there is also a black list covering those with poor credit records.

"If you have a poor credit record, you might have trouble in promotion, applying for a job as civil servant, travelling abroad, taking high-speed train and airplane, and even sending kids to private school for better education," an official of Hangzhou Credit Office said.

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