First direct cargo flight opens between Hangzhou and USA

Sep 13 | Source: by Shanghai Daily

A Boeing 747 aircraft carrying high-tech digital gadgets, clothes, equipment, accessories and daily necessities from Chicago landed at Xiaoshan International Airport yesterday, the first direct-cargo flight between Hangzhou and USA.

With a maximum load of 112 tons, it is also the largest cargo flight to land at Xiaoshan International Airport.

The Alaska Airlines direct flight took 15 hours to transport the goods between Hangzhou and Chicago. Cargo from Zhejiang to North America has needed in the past to be transferred in Hong Kong or Shanghai and took at least 3 days to reach the destination.

The new cargo flight will run three times a week and is expected to add 20,000 tons a year to cargo capacity out of Hangzhou.

Xiaoshan International Airport plans to initiate a second cargo flight from Hangzhou to a destination in the U.S. by March next year.

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