Construction of Grand Canal Asian Games Park to start in mid-2018

Nov 13 | Source: by Shanghai Daily

The construction of Grand Canal Asian Games Park is expected to be started in the middle of next year, according to a local news portal report.

The planned park, originally named as West City Sports Park, will be built in Gongshu District. It will be circled by North Xueyuan Road in the east, Fengtan Road in the west, Shenhua Road in the south and Liuxiang Road in the north.

Covering 467,400 square meters of land, equivalent to 70 football pitches, the park will have an indoor stadium for ball games and outdoor courts for hockey games during the 2022 Asian Games.

The whole park will be separated by Yuying Road in the middle. In the park area north of Yuying Road there will be an indoor stadium with 5,000 seats and a training gym.

In the part south of Yuying Road, there will be an international hockey field for 2022 Asian Games, and after the games it will be converted into basketball courts and soccer fields for public. In addition, there will be 800 parking spaces and commercial areas of 20,000 square meters underground.

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