Qiandao Lake project to supply water for 8 million people in Hangzhou

Nov 14 | Source: by Shanghai Daily

The Qiandao Lake water supply project, the biggest water project under construction in Zhejiang Province, is scheduled to finish in June 2019, which can then supply water to more than 8 million people in urban Hangzhou and nearby areas.

So far, 4.51 billion yuan (US$683 million) has already been put into the project, 46.9 percent of the total planned investment.

Workers are working overtime to bring water of Qiandao Lake to local homes sooner. More than 3,000 workers had dug 106 kilometers of channels and tunnels. The total length of the channels and tunnels extends 113 kilometers from Xianlin Reservoir in Hangzhou to Qiandao Lake in Chun'an.

Every year a total of 978 million cubic meters of water will be pumped from the lake to Xianlin Reservoir, from there the water will be divided into two, one goes to Binjiang and Xiaoshan districts, and another goes to downtown and Yuhang District.

The water mouth of the project is at Jinzhukou of Qiandao Lake, where there is no villagers or tourists. The construction of the water mouth is also expected to be completed in June, 2019. After completion, only the water at around 20 meters below the water surface will be taken to avoid pollution and sludge.

Qiandao Lake, meaning Thousand-Island Lake in Chinese, is the second largest source of freshwater in the province after the Qiantang River.

"For a very long time, Hangzhou draws water only from one source, the Qiantang River, but water in the downstream is prone to pollution," said an official with the provincial water authority earlier. "When the distribution project finishes, we'll have multiple water sources."

The Qiandao Lake water supply project started by the end of 2014.

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