Hangzhou Cultural Consumption Platform proves popular among locals

Dec 14 | Source: by Shanghai Daily

More than 1,000 movie, concert and performance tickets with affordable prices for local residents have been sold out during the First Cultural Consumption Experience Week in Hangzhou.

Locals can buy the tickets on the Hangzhou Cultural Consumption Platform on Wechat. The platform has gone online for only one week.

"In 2018 we plan to, on the one hand, increase subsidy to purchase cultural products and service, and on the other hand, increase the investment on the cultural consumption platform to make it a practical and popular new platform for local residents with the application of big data," said Sun Yongrong, director of Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, TV, Film, Press and Publication.

So far 772 tickets of popular movies with a price tag of 9 yuan (US$1.36), 117 tickets for performances in Hangzhou Grand Theater with a price of 49 yuan, and 179 tickets for The Romance of the Song Dynasty, a large-scale singing and dancing performance, with a price of 69 yuan have been sold on the platform.

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