1st snow hits mountainous area in Hangzhou

Dec 15 | Source: by Shanghai Daily

The mountainous area more than 1,000 meters above the sea level in Lin'an in the west of the city was covered by snow at 8am yesterday, according to Hangzhou Meteorological Bureau.

It's the first snowfall in Hangzhou this winter. On Daming Mountain, the accumulated snow was at around 3 centimeters, while in Qingliang Peak the accumulated snow was up to 15 centimeters. Both of them are in the west of Hangzhou. The height of Qingliang Peak is 1,787.4 meters above sea level, the highest in the city. 

However, the downtown area is unlikely to see snowing recently, according to a meteorologist surnamed Jin of the Hangzhou Meteorological Bureau.

Yesterday, the lowest temperature was minus 3.4 degrees Celsius at the peak of Tianmu Mountain, 1,505 meters above sea level, and minus 2.6 degrees at the Daming Mountain Radar Station, which is 1,484 meters above sea level.

For the coming weekend, another cold front will push the mercury down to around 1 degree on Sunday, and even lower early next week. And the cold front will also turn the weather pattern from drizzle to sunny then.

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