The HiCenter (Hangzhou International Information Exchange Center), established in 2010, is a non-profit institution devoted to promoting the city of Hangzhou to foreigners. Apart from showing the city’s economic and social development, the Center also presents the city’s long history and rich culture.

We act as a bridge between Hangzhou and the world in government and non-government exchanges, attempting to shorten the psychological distance between the East and the West.

We also serve as a window for the world to know Hangzhou and for Hangzhou to reach the world by staging big events in the city and holding road shows abroad. Journalists and visitors from everywhere can explore Hangzhou starting from the HiCenter.

We work as an information center, offering foreign tourists, business people and local citizens the latest news about Hangzhou and information about living, working and traveling in the city.

The HiCenter has close cooperation with various municipal departments, produces a large amount of promotional products and organizes media tours for foreign journalists.

The HiCenter is located in the West Lake Expo Museum on Beishan Road, near the West Lake.


The Center mainly hosts journalists from home and abroad, providing news briefings, answering questions from overseas visitors, and organizing cultural exchange events.


Activity planning

Organizing cultural events, press conferences, seminars, business receptions, product launch events, fashion shows, and company annual meetings.

Business tour hosting

Arranging and hosting business tours and high-level meetings for foreign government officials and business groups.

Friendship promotion

Forging ties with other cities in China and abroad and establishing cooperation with their universities and social organizations.

Exchange programs

Organizing exchange programs for domestic and foreign cultural and art groups.

Exhibition services

Providing venues for small and medium-sized exhibitions and performances.


  • HiCenter is open from 9am to 4:30pm daily except Monday.
  • Visitors need to have a valid ID card to enter the premises.
  • Visitors should dress properly and follow the protocol.
  • Please keep quiet.
  • Smoking is banned.
  • Please take care of your own belongings.
  • Flammable and explosive items and pets are not allowed.
  • Please stay away from the working area.
  • Please follow the directions of our staff.
  • HiCenter is close to visitors when there is an official function. Sorry for the inconvenience.

HiCenter's logo is a combination of various elements of Hangzhou.


Bring Hangzhou and the world closer through exchanges.


Being enterprising, sincere, excellent and creative.


  • We have a professional team that runs government-backed cultural projects.
  • We are dedicated to the cause of international exchange and cooperation.
  • We boast resources accrued over years of practice.
  • We are aspired by the motto “Being enterprising, sincere, excellent and creative.”
  • We offer unparalleled surroundings and venues for various events.
  • We are creative in event planning and efficient in event management.


Phone   +86 571 96345, +86 571 8881 2221

Fax   +86 571 8881 2221

Address   40 Beishan Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

The industrial pavilion during the 1929 West Lake International Expo.


The HiCenter is located in the West Lake Expo Museum on Beishan Road, near the West Lake. The museum is at the original site of the industrial pavilion during the 1929 West Lake International Expo.

It is in the vicinity of numerous heritage sites, such as the grand hall of the West Lake International Expo, Jianpao Villa, Dongshan Villa, Zhaoxian Temple, Xinxin Hotel and the former residences of Kuomintang dignitaries Chiang Ching-Kuo, Tang Enbo, Sun Chuanfang and famous Chinese artists Huang Binhong, Lin Fengmian and Zhao Wuji.

Nestled in the wooded slope of Baoshu Hill, the HiCenter overlooks the West Lake and is a short walk to the scenic Broken Bridge, Long Bridge and Xiling Bridge. This beautiful location is ideal for meetings and events.

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