Local hotel restaurants offer fresh spring tastes

Mar 16 | Source: Shanghai Daily

Sea urchin at Man Ho
Stepherd's purse wrapped with beancurd sheet
Stir-fried snail with Hangzhou pepper
Mustard leaf rolls
Glutinous rice ball filled with pork, spring bamboo and wild vegetables

AFTER a chilly winter, seasonal vegetables and fresh ingredients are headed to your table. Two Chinese restaurants at JW Marriott Hotel Hangzhou, Man Ho and Man Ho Club, are offering more choices with the launch of new seasonal dishes.

Man Ho uses authentic Cantonese methods to cook ingredients such as cedrela sinensis, sea urchin and okra, to wake up sleeping buds.

Innovation fuses with traditional Hangzhou cuisine, health and creativity at Man Ho Club. This restaurant will launch a new seasonal promotion: tricholoma matsutake, Qianjiang eel, cedar and other seasonal ingredients, to bring you more enjoyment after a long winter.


Address: 1/F, 28 Hushu Rd S.

Tel: (0571) 8578-8888

The Dragon Hotel specializes in Hangzhou cuisine and provides yao chun meals consisting of local ingredients.

Li Chang, executive chef at Grand Dragon Restaurant, has come up with a variety of new takes on local delicacies, such as spring bamboo shoots, organic chicken, as well as fish, shrimps and snails harvested from local rivers.

Recipes are light to highlight the original flavor of fresh ingredients, a feature of Hangzhou cuisine.


Address: 1/F, 120 Shuguang Rd

Tel: (0571) 8799-8833 ext 6718

Chefs at Pinju Hangzhou restaurant in the Diaoyutai Hotel offer a taste of spring by using different seasonal ingredients, and range of cooking techniques that include steaming, boiling, frying, roasting and stewing.

Recommended dishes include: poached kalimeris mixed with bamboo shoots and sesame, braised pork with bamboo shoots and stir-fried snail with Hangzhou pepper, wok-fried crispy eel and shrimp.

Pinju Hangzhou is a 120-seat casual Chinese dining outlet located on the ground floor of the Diaoyutai Hotel with an outdoor dining area.


Address: 1/F, 65 Wuxing Rd

Tel: (0571) 8827-8888

Hyatt Regency Hangzhou has invited Park Hyatt Saigon’s Square One restaurant from Vietnam to present its signature Vietnamese delicacies at the cafe in the hotel from tomorrow to April 5. A deliciously inspired Vietnamese gourmet journey will be meticulously prepared for diners throughout this promotion period.

Park Hyatt Saigon’s Square One restaurant has been listed in the top 20 of the “101 Best Hotel Restaurants around the World” by The Daily Meal.

Vietnamese cuisine is colorful and vibrant with exquisite presentation. The use of spices, combined with sweet and sour flavors, features the seasonal freshness of fruits and vegetables, with hints of the modern influence of French cooking.

Visiting chefs Ngo Vinh Chinh and Nguyen Tan Phuong both have a deep appreciation for the unique flavors and influences of their Vietnam home, with respect for the traditional and modern. They will personally be on hand to prepare signature favorites.

Specialties including mustard leaf rolls, Saigon fried noodles, Vietnamese pancakes, ginger braised chicken chilli, fresh coconut, Wok Thien Ly, chilli jam, wok fried soft shell crab, chili tamarind sauce, sliced cucumber, and Vietnamese caramelized pork shank.

It costs 368 yuan per person, and 188 yuan for children aged between 6 and 11.


Address: 1/F, 28 Hubin Rd

Tel: (0571) 8779-1234 ext 2206

This spring, Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou at West Lake has prepared bamboo-theme spring specials, including seasonal treats at Jin Sha restaurant and WL Bistro.

A popular vegetable in Asia, bamboo shoots are tender, crisp and wonderfully versatile. Packed with dietary fiber and protein while also low in calories, they are carefully prepared by Jin Sha’s experienced chefs along with other seasonal ingredients for a healthy and delicious gourmet experience.

At WL Bistro, an all-star when it comes to spring cuisine, bamboo shoots are tasty, nutritious, and can go with virtually anything. This spring, WL Bistro sets out again to amaze diners by blending this traditional Asian vegetable into an array of European-style dishes. The spring feast dinner set meal costs 298 yuan per person plus 15 percent service charge.


Address: 1/F, 5 Lingyin Rd

Tel: (0571) 8829-8888

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