Yuan Min  Speaker

Yuan Min is the vice president of the Zhejiang Provincial Writers’ Association and is the chief editor of “Jiang Nan” magazine. Her works include the epic literary documentaries Return to 1976 and China, a Long Year, the novel White Swan, short fiction Stories of Ninety-nine Women and a TV script Deep Big Meadow.

In 2009, she was the only recipient in Zhejiang Province of the Influential Magazine Editor for the 60th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. Also that year, the magazine “Jiang Nan” was awarded one of the Top Journals in East China.




Travel - Banishment and Rove of Spirit

Write - Regression and Introspection of Soul

Yuan Min

I was born to desire the traveling around the world, dreaming of accompanying with the natural rivers and mountains. I was imagining that I was a hermit in Chinese ancient time, writing and painting during the trip.

When I was young, I didn’t know what is neither “idol” nor the concept of “fans”, but there were two people far away from me who I liked most and wished to talk with—they are Chinese traveler Xu Xiake (1587-1641) and American dancer Isabella Duncan (1877-1927).

Xu is a well-known traveler and geographer in Ming Dynasty (1358-1644). Since he was young, Xu traveled around the whole China, completing his legendary work “Xu Xiake Travel Notes”, which is a masterpiece recording his traveling experience with the style of diary.

To me, Isabella Duncan is a fairy in the lonely traveling for her whole life. This greatest dancer in 20th century considered that “the freest body contains the highest wisdom”. She challenged the traditional elegant ballet and thought “Ballet is not the real dance”. Her exploring in modern dance was oppugned by many people at the time, but Duncan had never stopped in her dance road.

No matter Xu who was traveling for his whole life, or Duncan who was flying in her soul space for half century; no matter they were walking in the reality or jumping at the small dramatic stage, all were the banishment and rove of spirit. This was a searching; even they didn’t know where the final goals were.

This searching, this banishment and rove of spirit, implanted into my life in way of traveling. The desire at my young age got its reason in reality.

I am traveling in those many years, from the south of China where I was born to the north where attracts me; from the countries with bridges and rivers, to metropolitans with high buildings; from the field with flowers and soil, to altiplano with white snow mountain.

I also go abroad to the bigger world, exploring the inner soul and drawing nourishment for the banishment and rove of spirit.

The loss and confusing in the reality, pain and disappointment, also the feelings of extravagating and loneliness fade away in the long dialogue with the nature. The soul sparkles during the trip which will surprise me. I desire to keep it and let others see this gorgeous beauty! 

So, writing becomes a very natural thing—keeping the beautiful sparkling. Writing came to my life which builds a home for the soul. At this home I can feel the experience in my trip and introspect to my life attitude. The work is born in the regression and introspection of soul.


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